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    Books like the film Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Jenurik Name, Jan 24, 2015.

    Hi, I'm very interested in finding novels in the crime/thriller genre that kind of match the tone of Drive. It is kind of weird to ask this, since it is a film, but I just know there has to be something out there. (I have read James Sallis' novel the film is based on, but bears virtually no resemblance to the film.)

    Like how 1950s noir films are mirrored in Raymond Chandler's books, I'd like for recommendations that match Refn's unique brand of neo-noir. I have tried reading a few Dennis Lehane stories, but those are more straight dark neo noir.

    Even though it's neo-noir, Drive's not particularly dark in the classical noir way. Driver isn't brooding and internally monologuing. The color scheme is also fairly sunny, it's not draped in shadows, there isn't cryptic dialogue and Humphrey Boggart trying to act cool, the characters like Bernie and Nino aren't suave 100% of the time and lose their composure.

    It's highly stylized, a layer of glamor coats everything before falling away. There's that classic neon lighting. If that visual aesthetic is expressed in writing form, I'd love to read that.
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