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    Break the shell to reveal what's within.

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by DreamingAshes, Sep 19, 2013.

    "Writing is always something that I've loved, and I used to be very passionate into it. I would sit at my computer or have something in hand, and just write something out on the spot - completely venting out my inner thoughts on whatever arose. It led to some great poetry, song lyrics, and even a few stories. It's something I realize I need to get back into because I look at it as more than just a hobby - it's like hearing an old song that reminds you of something in your life, whether that memory is clear or buried deep down, you just have that instinctive reaction to surrender and embrace everything about it, no matter what it may reveal."

    Hello, my name is Matt Watson and I came across this forum looking for a new forum to get back into writing. I'm 22 years old not really having any direction right now. I'm open-minded and love to explore the philosophy and psychology of life. I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies/television, gaming...etc.

    However, my passion has always been writing and music. So hopefully trying out this place I can get myself back into it (with your help, of course) and help others. Ask me what you want and I'll answer the best I can. :)
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    Welcome, Matt. :)

    We've already met over at your cottage-side lake, so here's the official hello. Some Forum Rules you may well have already looked over, but just in case.

    As regards posting items for critique in the Workshop, our requirements are:
    • 2 weeks of membership
    • 20 posts anywhere in the forum
    • 2 constructive critiques on items already up for offer
    Have fun, get to know the people.

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    Hi Matt, nice to meet you.

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