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    "Broken" Fox Siblings

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by DarkPen14, Aug 6, 2019.

    Supposedly, a fox spirit with nine tails is the pinnacle of power, akin to some gods. At least according to the myths. But what if the fox in question was broken?

    Well, two members of the party of weirdos I'm working on are a pair of foxes, brother and sister. The sister is the eldest, and the nine-tailed one, but she's basically a cripple as far as her species goes. She has almost no magic except basic shape-shifting from Fox to humanoid form, whereas her younger brother is the one with the magic, somehow having the level of magic potential his sister should despite having only one tail. There's a reason for this in universe, but I wonder how this may affect the sibling dynamic. The eldest is a "broken child", while the youngest is gifted.

    What do y'all think?
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    Depends on the culture of your foxes. If power is a highly valued commodity and those with it are granted high respect only because they have so much power than the younger one would likely treat his sister with disdain. Especially if he's lorded as a special being. They wouldn't be close. On the other hand, if the brother didn't put much stock in the power = status thing then he would be nice to her but she might think he only is out of pity for situation.

    If the culture doesn't particularly care about power then the siblings likely won't either and thus it'd have little effect on them. Unless the sister becomes jealous.

    Ultimately, how they treat each other is up to how you build their culture and their upbringing. What they and their culture value in a person.

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