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    Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Gannon, Jun 25, 2007.

    An enjoyable read but one that causes a lot of questions.

    There are many favourites in here told as they were before Disney got a hold of them, like Snow White and lots and lots of ones you won't know. Typicallly the tales last 3 or 4 pages and only 5 minutes to read which make them great fro those with little time, and it doesn't matter if you leave a little time before delving back in, as the tales are unrelated.

    This book will halp anyone who has writer's block, the imagery and imagination in the tales is unabound.

    Though personally I felt a lot of the tales finished unsatisfactarily. Often there is no happy ending, which I don't have a problem with, but more often stil there is hardly an ending at alll. This will be because these tales aren't stories per se and rather the result of decades of 'Chinese Whispers'. T

    Whilst possibly unsatisfactory the collection is a good read and recommended to anyone with a slightly dark side.
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    I've read that book. My favourites are Sleeping Beauty, Goose Girl, The 12 Dancing Princesses and Snow White.
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    I have a very very old copy of a "Grimms Brother" tale book with fabulous pictures. I love stories like "The Red Shoes" and the "Seven Wild Swans" and consider a lot of them as perfect "metaphors." My all time favorite old stories are not necessarily Grimms Brothers, some medieval. I like "The Travelling Companion," and "Misery's Pear Tree," the last I found in an old Collier's magazine from 1877, and was the model for the movie "Death Takes a Holiday." "The Travelling Companion" splits into two stories, one actually seems to be a Grimms Tale. Its the one where the princess cannot marry anyone but the man who answers the "riddle." I've seen this one separately, and I think it is Greek.

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