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    "Bullied. Abused, and Bewildered"

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by gotcha, Jul 11, 2007.

    Hi to all.
    I have just spent two and a half years writing my very
    Unusual, and very interesting autobiography, and I am living in the hope that I can get it edited by a friendly, knowledgeable person who wants to become an author
    and would like this practical experience with my life story!
    They certainly would be acknowledged in the book!
    According to my Lawyer, my Doctor, my friends and family, plus two Professors at Miami University, Florida.USA, they all said, "you must get it Published!" because it is ten times more unusual and interesting than an English movie,” Hope and Glory" which has been shown on T/V several times.
    Cheerio, and have a nice day.
    Here is a short excerpt of my story titled
    “Bullied. Abused & Bewildered”

    Born on September 2nd 1928. in City Road Hospital, St. Lukes. London, lived in Southend on Sea. England until 1957.Then moved to Canada.
    Bullied and sexually abused from 6 years old, and onwards.
    Never had a father. On my 13th birthday oldest sister told me she was my mother!
    Ex Sailor British Royal Navy on Submarine Depot Ship, HMS Montclare. Almost all the crew would not talk to me! Because of an extraordinary situation!
    Police Officer in Toronto Police Department, then Mississauga Police Dept, which is now Peel County Police Department. Ontario. Canada.
    Stood it for ten years. Other Officers absolutely hated me for another extraordinary situation!
    1971 sued a Queens Councilor for malpractice, lost case, went to New Zealand for a year, returned to Canada, appealed the court case, and won. (By two Judges out of three!) Now my case is part or the text books in the University of Victoria, BC .Canada for Law students. Because of my case the Lawyer Society of British Columbia changed their rules!
    Now have four adult children, nine grand children, two great grand children. Very happily married, love growing vegetables, and my computer.
    If by chance anyone is interested in editing my story, please PM me!
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    good luck with the autobiography, and welcome! :)
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    Welcome! I'd repost this elsewhere on the site so that it gets the attention it deserves, good luck with autobiography, especially in finding a willing a capable editor. We'll do what we can I'm sure if you post in manageable chunks! see you around the site.
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    Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Hello gotcha, and welcome to the Writing Forums.

    You do sound like you have had an interesting and varied life so far, and hopefully you can find someone to collaborate with you to publish your autobiography. In the meantime, why not take a tour of the site? You have ventured into writing already, perhaps you'll be inspired to write other works as well.

    Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy your membership here, and have fun.
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