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    Can't Half ass it: Underused story elements pointless?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by DeathandGrim, Feb 1, 2013.

    Okay I've run into a problem with my current paranormal noir tale: its that the paranormal elements are hardly used to great effect in current planning and that alot of the plots don't even bother with the supernatural with the paranormal taking backseat to normal humans doing the dastardly deeds and driving the

    While the superpowered beings have their moments in the story its never really a significant part of the plot more like just extra icing on the cake and just pointless in the big picture

    My problem here is I want to have the supernatural elements in the tale, but the way its written is pretty much not allowing them to shine, but I don't want the series to go over the line of ridiculously loopy manga style in which humans have as much effect on anything as much as morning dew and are just used as things that are killed recklessly due to super powered freaks.

    Because I feel like that would devalue the genuine feelings of loss when people are killed by the masses, making deaths of important characters slightly less meaningful.

    My dilemma here is how do I marry these two? Is it possible? Can I have a gritty noir tale with paranormal elements that can have emotion taken somewhat seriously? Or am I trying to have my cake and eat it?
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    I believe you can have both elements equally in your story. It is possible to communicate the feelings of loss when people are killed en masse and still make your reader weep at the death of one single character after all. To make readers feel the loss of one character you have to make that character both memorable and identifyable. People have to be able to remember the character and either identify themselves with him or identify him with an idea.

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