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    Change one line

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Smoke, Mar 8, 2011.

    One of my betas hated my OC, and I realize that she's right. She hated the OC because she was being too stingy with her knowledge, perhaps specifically because she was a fixer-sue and her hesitance was artificially creating tension.

    With the need to weed-whack my story, I got rid of two things that bothered me....

    One was that only 3 of the seven elite were guarding both the sword of power and the mysterious force that breaks the universe.

    The other thing that was bothersome is that my OC would start quoting things the two MC's would recognize, and only do it because she was having a mental breakdown. (I think with a little bit of fudging, they could figure out what she knows without convenience or assumption.)

    Has anyone else started weed-whacking a story to find that it completely breaks down once you introduce too much logic into the mix at an early stage?

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