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    Character Builds/Classes

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Taillin, Oct 30, 2014.

    Hey guys,

    I’m writing for a comic and I’ve hit a snag. I’m hoping some creative input might spike me out of it. In the story (I’m going to change the story for convenience sake) people are given a unique weapon load out and abilities. Each combatant has to fight to the death in this virtual world.

    I’m looking for some ideas for unique builds. One idea I have so far is for a guy named ghost, his current load out allows him to temporarily cloak, (motion blur invisibility) he’s armed with a sniper rifle and a khopesh. (I need to come up with a medium range weapon)

    I developed another character named Alex. She has a shield (like a buckler) that absorbs damage and when it overheats she can throw it to explode and cause damage. Unfortunately I don’t have any other weapons for her, I can't think of something that'd be cool or practical. I also don't have an interesting ability for her yet.

    aIn my story I want Alex to usurp defeat and manage to tie when she blocks several of ghost’s shots and uses her shield to disarm him. The problem is that I’m blanking on how to write the beginning and middle of the fight whether it is ranged combat, melee etc. I’ve tried watching a bunch of absurd anime and cartoons to jog my brain for ideas but I’m still stuck.

    What I’m hoping you guys might be able to provide are ideas for character load outs, and other creative fun ideas for Alex to be equipped with. I think I want all my characters to have a long range weapon, a medium range and a close combat tool. You could even come up with powers.

    I know this sounds like I’m asking you to make OC’s, but creative, absurd ideas may dislodge something in my head, hopefully something I’ve never thought of before. Even concepts for events to happen in a fight (sequences of events) would be appreciated.

    I know I can finish this and it’s going to be super fun, I just need that spark to get me rolling again

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    In my opinion, any character who has invisibility and changes his name to ghost sounds like the kind of person who'd be obsessed enough with hiding things to have a spring-loaded pistol hidden up their sleeve. Considering how impractical it is, I doubt it'd be a go-to weapon, but it would definitely be there.
    As for Alex, I think she'd go dual shield, and use a small kite shield with large spikes and sharp edges for combined thrusting and cutting action. Probably use a boomerang for longer range attacks.

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