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    Character Creation Workshop (Part 2 Supporting Characters)

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Raven, Dec 15, 2007.

    Ok this is something to help everyone with developing characters for stories’ or even if you like comics.
    I have decided to do a series so you can create a character of a certain theme. And hopefully adapt that character.

    Your task here is to develop a Supporting Character.

    The character could be from present day or the future the past/Fantasy.

    You need to describe his name.
    hair colour if any

    Then you need a description about him/her.
    Is this character a partner a best friend a fellow warrior or of something else.

    you will need a biography of your character
    and obviously you'll need a time line of character lives in.

    what are his/her goals.

    what does he/she wear usually and does he use weapons if so why does he use those weapons. Or is he/she from a romantic novel childrens novel you decide

    and the character's characteristics.
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    W00t, how many more of these are there going to be?

    Hmmm... which support character should I do... Maybe I'll do Embla later

    Elwynne Samara, (37) born in Rosalin, Vanahiem. Her hair flaxen, she stood tall at 5'11" and was a tough woman, often compared to an Oak tree. Elwynne grew up during the war, and when she was sixteen she ran off and joined the army, lying about her age. She became a brilliant soldier and tactician. She fell in love with her commander, Banwic Arthur, and the two had an affair. She became pregnant, and ran away, unable to convince Banwic to come with her. She went from town to town throughout Vanaheim, shunned for being an unwed mother. She stopped in Citron when she was unable to travel, and gave birth to her son, Aiden Samara. After the next town, Elwynne started to tell people that Aiden was her younger brother, and that the two of them had lost their parents in the war. She became content to live the lie, and never told Aiden she was his mother, or about his father. She settled down in the town of Pomme, and even fell in love with a local blacksmith's apprentice, Wedge Vicks. At the time of the story she's become frail and weak due to sickness. When a young woman in an ejection pod falls from the sky and into the forest, Elwynne and Aiden take care of her, nursing her to health. After nearly a month of caring for the memoryless girl a man named Ash comes to take her back. When Elwynne refuses to give her up, she manages to injure him enough to send him back, but it's a Pyrrhic victory and she dies of her injuries. Her last words are for Aiden to take care for the girl.

    While she may die early in the story, she's the main reason for what Aiden does. After her death Aiden takes Embla and leaves town, despite seeing her as partially responsible for his sister's death. He looked up to her, and even though he thought she was his sister, he still felt a maternal connection to her that he just thought was because he was so close to her until finally meeting his father and learning the truth. It's because of Elwynne that Aiden falls in love with Embla. Aiden also carries with him Elwynne's sword and shield: Righen and Halter

    as last time, sorry for the length, I'm horrible at abbreviating these things.
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    Matt Gerdra, known as the Black Wolf, has dark brown hair that hangs in clumps from his years living on the streets, no home or family. His eyes are yellow and never fully open, making him look tired all the time. All his teeth are razor sharp, though you wouldn't know it because he never smiles. His skin is covered in a thin layer of dirt, though beneath it is pale because, living in mankind's underground haven, he rarely sees the sun, and never for too long. He has the front portion of a wolf's skull grafted to his face, and he wears a jacket made from the skin of a silver wolf. Unlike most people born after humanity fled underground, Matt has an extensive and bizarre amount of trivia about life before the Apocalypse stored in his memory. As such, when he tries to be humorous, he'll often end up referencing things nobody knows about, leaving him looking like an idiot. Matt doesn't try to be funny often.

    Aside from the skull and jacket, Matt wears a pair of faded jeans and a red t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off. His weapon's are two curved blades on chains. The chains twist up around his arms and are literally embedded in his shoulders, by his own doing.

    Matt was genetically engineered before birth to have wolf traits, and also has nanomachines put into his bloodstream to slowly convert him into a cyborg as he grew older, though none of his cyborg features are visible externally. His father was a devout religious person who eventually became convinced that Matt wasn't his son, but a demon. He left Matt alone in the woods to starve to death. A pack of wolves found Matt, and due to the bit of wolf DNA inside him, accepted him as their own.

    Matt spent many years being raised by the wolves, but as time went by, food grew scarce, and Matt's pack began to die off until he was the only one. A man by the name of Lloyd Gerdra found Matt and took him in, taught him, and treated him as a son. Matt loved Lloyd as a father, but felt he could never fit in with humans and left. As Matt saw the human world, he grew angry at the evil in it. Murderers and rapists ran free and nothing was done to punish them. Matt decided he would make things right, grafted the skull onto his face and embedded the chains in his shoulders and eventually became known as the Black Wolf.

    So... yeah... Think Jungle Book but if Mowgli turned into a vigilante...
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    Lemme see...I guess Blanche would be considered a supporting character. Um...

    Well, her name is Blanche Tocci, and she's 15 years old. I'd say she's about 5' 3", but appears shorter because she's always slouched over. Brown hair in a short bob and brown eyes - she's a little on the ugly side, a bit thick around the middle with a small chest and bad acne, crooked teeth lined with braces and long, broken fingernails. She's really timid and awkward, and has this weird kinda phobia of people her own age. She keeps to herself a lot, but is terrified of "disappearing" - that is, being forgotten by everyone.

    Blanche enters the story when the main character, Eriol, finds her crying at the park and decides to be her friend (long story. It's not a romance, just so ya know). Blanche is sorta like him - she's both boring and bored, only she's more polite and wants to love everybody, even if they don't love her back. After meeting Eriol, though, she learns to be a lot more selfish. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, honestly...

    Blanche likes to wear brightly colored dresses and shoes with wooden soles, partly because she likes the way it looks and partly because it's "loud", and lets people know she's there. She doesn't really make a lot of sense, but oh well.
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    It's 2147 A.D. The character is Tim Cole and he is 35. Like his younger brother Adrian, he is an astronaut. He is quite tall at 6'3", only one inch shorter than his brother. He has shaggy brown hair, as if it hadn't been cut it a while, and bright green eyes. He wears a blue jumpsuit uniform every day, being stationed on the space-lab Laika.

    He is the leader of their mission. Their rather murky mission. With a war just beginning to break out on Earth, Tim, Adrian and their fellow astronauts have orders to create psychological weapons that would end the war with little fighting from either side, which sparks debate among the few who know about it.

    He is the commander type, always ready to take over if somebody needs a leader. If a job needs doing, he'll usually do it himself rather than bother any of his colleagues.
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    Piplin Siltor

    Appearance: Short, tan, wiry muscles, slightly sharp nose, and a round chin. Usually wearing a light woven wool suit. Short messy hair.

    Attitude: A bit cocky, rude, and jumps to conclusions. Always optimistic in bad situations though.

    Specialty: Fairly decent with guns.

    Age: 23

    Hair colour if any: Brown

    Male/female: Male

    Height: 5' 6"

    Sannel Aplon

    Appearance: Slightly tall, tan, normal muscles, sharp nose, and a sharp chin. Usually wearing a light woven wool suit. Short straight hair.

    Attitude: Quiet and follows orders. If in a dire situation though, he will go for his own choices.

    Specialty: Good with a short sword.

    Age: 27

    Hair colour if any: Light brown

    Male/female: Male

    Height: 6' 1"
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    Aaron Howe, professional chef. Included on the first human ambassadorial team to be invited to live with the aliens, who have a long and undignified-sounding name so most non-ambassadors call them the Chuckles. He has an unusually strong sense of smell, which gives him better than normal taste buds; while this helps him out in many ways - he can taste / smell toxic plants more quickly - it also means that there are some foods which he just can't stand because they taste too strong for him. For example, he can't stand parsely, cigar smoke, coffee, or certain spices. He finds salted butter distasteful.

    He is in his early forties, and volunteered partly out of curiosity - his son Francis used to love sci-fi, so Aaron read it to him each evening. When Francis died (a fatal disease which also caused him to be largely blind), Aaron's marriage broke up, and he decided to start over.

    He is cautious around strangers but extravagant when presenting a new dish, and he loves having the chance to create new and extraordinary dishes from the foods provided by the Chuckles. He is certainly no hero - not really about to volunteer for dangerous work - but he thinks of himself as more of a coward than he actually is, and he gets in on the action because he and one of doctors must accompany any crew of diplomats when they leave the human lodgings to visit Chuckle leaders and diplomats.

    Physically - short, wiry rather than muscular, wavy black hair, brown eyes, dark skin. Adopted; blood tests show that he has a lot of Ghanan in him, plus some other stuff. It doesn't matter much these days though - adopted kids were something of a craze when he was young, so there are a lot of people who don't know their backgrounds.
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    Appearance: short. pixy-like. skinny. tan.
    Attitude: ditsy. adorable. always jumping to conclusions of sex. smart in distant subjects from the topic.
    Specialty: all the years of shopping has created an amazing skill with adding numbers.
    Age: 18
    Hair colour if any: bleached blonde
    Male/female: female
    Height: 5' 3"

    Her name is Chloe and she is the best friend to my main character Jane. She isn't helpful unless it's in a situation way out of the ordinary. No one believes in her except when she proves them wrong.
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    Supporting character

    Earthidil O'Malley was a slip of a woman, only twenty and two years of age. She stood around 5 foot two and was slender, yet strong. Life on your own in the 13th century tends to make you that way. Her moss green eyes were surrounded by thick black lashes and sat against a backdrop of creamy porcelain. Her lips were full and pink, ever in a peaceful smile. Her unruly hair was usually kept tied back with a string of leather, the black curls held odd streaks of red in them. She didn't know how beautiful she was, how ethereal almost, because she'd been alone since her mother died when she was a wee lass of twelve.

    They'd lived out in the woods on a small parcel of land, their nearest neighbor a days ride away. It suited them well and Earthidil had seen no reason to leave it when her mother had passed. The days journey to Clan McCormick was not so bad when you only needed to stock up on supplies every few months. She made her meager living selling herbal tonics and tinctures to the clans healer, following in her mothers footsteps. It was a good life, a little lonely at times, but with the company of her horse Rouge, she'd managed to be content. With no family to offer her with a dowry and already almost past the usual marrying age, she'd resigned herself to a life of solitude. It was better then being ruled over by a man she didn't know and much better then being taken as whore by some of the clans men. For that reason she made her trips to town brief and far apart, her threadbare gown and cape helped her stay unnoticed.

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    Li (other names unknown)

    Appearance: Medium height for his age. Wiry frame. Quite gaunt face. Small nose. Grimy (when encountered by the main character).

    Attitude: Constantly positive. Somewhat cocky and flippant to cover extreme hurt from past.

    Specialty: Very fast runner, talented pickpocket

    Age: 11

    Hair colour if any: Brown

    Male/female: Male

    Height: 4'4

    Bio: Led a normal life until he was 9, when both his parents were killed by a triad enforcer (enforcer is late in the story revealed to be the main character). From then on, he lived on the streets, falling in with several other homeless boys and quickly toughening up. By the time the main character meets him, he has become a very talented pickpocket.
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    The problem with Janice is that she always made the wrong decision. It was easy to look back at the choices she'd made, but she could have never known just how it would have worked out for those around her, and herself, until it was too late.

    She was the third daughter of an ex-coal miner and his plump wife from Armadale in West Lothian. She worked hard at school, and got the reward she deserved when she was accepted into Edinburgh University to study English Literature. Seventeen, free and empowered, her life busy with parties and people. And then she went to one party too many, and met Robert Green. He was everything she was told to avoid in a man, passionate, outspoken, demanding, and handsome. He was at the party purely to drop off some chemical supplies, and they had gotten into an arguement about drugs and politics.

    She was beautiful then, with her long dark hair, sky blue eyes and full red lips, a perfect line of white teeth hidden within, her face bright with the glow of youth and the promise of future happiness.

    Her parents did not approve of her choice of man, but she told herself she was in love and decided to move away and marry him anyway. She wanted to be loved, and have a family, and perhaps later, finish her degree and become a teacher.

    When she arrived on the island of Dubh Arisaig, everything changed. Robert was cold and violent and demanding, and she turned to the arms of another man, a student, Paul Grahamson, studying Marine Biology, based in Oban. He left her though, after finding out she was married, and it was then she realised she was carrying his child. She knew she couldn't raise a child by herself, and made the decision to stay with her husband, and raise the child as Robert's.

    Janice wasn't a bad person, just a very weak one, and for all her youthful bravado, when she finally found herself in the real world, with all it's cruelties, she could not fight. She remained in her loveless relationship for six years, and then she made the decision to leave, spurred on by the re-appearance of her old lover. It was only too late that she realised her husband would sooner see her die than leave, and in the arguement that followed him finding out she was leaving, he lost his temper and shot her dead, leaving him with her child, her beloved Jenni.

    She may have died that evening, but her choices would continue to affect the main characters for the rest of their lives.
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    Oron V'nal
    Appearance: Oron is a 28 year old with faded hair, clean shaven, fair skinned, handsome man with hazel eyes and strong facial features. His overall body type is a 'runner's" muscular body, standing at 5'10. Oron regrets a lot of things that have happened in his life and copes by denying bad experiences. His weak way of dealing with life is made up for in his ability to lead. His specialty is flying. He is an excellent pilot and is a trained maradarin rider; a beast similar to a dragon and a griffin. Oron is an acquaintance-turned enemy of the main antagonist and the new leader of the protagonist.

    Biography: Oron V’Nal is the leader of a gang that was named after his family (2160-Future). The V’Nal were one out of two major gangs that held a large portion of wealth in Edra. Just below their rivals in the economic pyramid, the V’Nal’s success depended on the funding of the Arena. It was Oron’s grandfather who decided to come up with the idea of the stadium twenty years before. Ever since, the V’Nal has used it as their central revenue. Oron's main goals are to provide the public with quality entertainment and to secretly equip his gang in order to exterminate his rival gang. He usually wears a windbreaker with a thick white jacket over the windbreaker. He also wears insulated pants that are stuck inside boots. He carries a pistol in a holster only for security measures. V'nal's life is always on a bounty list because of his wealth; the wealthiest person controls the society.
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    Kiku Hanayu is a tall girl with a slightly muscular build. She's very polite and courteous, however very much prefers being alone and away from other people. She has basic hunting skills, though wishes to train in physical arts. She is eleven years old, born on February 18. She has short pink hair and stands at 5"03.

    Kiku was born in a snowy country, spending most of her life in a hunting village. One day, a bad fever struck her, and she was forced to move with her family to a warmer country with more doctors. She healed eventually, but isn't allowed to go back to the snowy country in fear she'll become sick again and die. She was angered by this, having lots of village pride, but with time grew to accept what had happened.

    Kiku is polite and respectful (maybe overly so), but doesn't enjoy human contact. She would much rather stay indoors and read comic books. She's very understanding and has a soft heart, but tends to keep secrets from others, which hurts her. She's not lazy, but she isn't the type who would do her best for most things. Along with that, she has a lot of pride, but can't seem to fight for it.

    Kiku is basically someone who is just there. Her goal is to become a ninja and move back to her country, and introduce more medical technologies. Really, all she wants is to see the land she loves flourishing.

    Her basic attire is something like a cloak/shawl used for snowy areas. It seems out of place in the new warmer country she lives in, but she switches to lighter clothes once she accepts her new home. She does have a few spears she used for hunting training, but doesn't carry it around.
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    Ben Shade

    appearance: Little whiz kid with ginger hair, wearing green moon suit.
    attitude: Infinate Energy with a speedy side and an angry side.
    specialty: Whirly around very fast into a tornado.
    hair colour if any: Ginger
    height: The size of a 3 year old: In other words-very small.
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    appearance: 5'7, wears tripp pants, jet black hair, always accompanied by a Black Sabbath or DEATH t-shirt, always wears a jacket

    attitude - sullen, responsible, anxious

    specialty - supports everyone in the group

    age - 16

    hair colour if any - black

    male/female - male

    height - 5'7

    Matt was sixteen, pretty darn close to seventeen, and he was always dwelling on the past, how much he hated his father leaving him, how much he hated the damage drugs did to his father, how much he couldn't stand drugs. Matt was always overly anxious; always doing things, always running around, never able to stop.

    He was always supportive; always friendly, and always kind - unless you were a drug addict.

    Matt is the supporting character to Alex, who tries to commit suicide.
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    Physical Appearance:
    Has long black tightly curled hair, green eyes, a slender preteen physique (appears to be eleven) with pale skin. Always immaculately groomed and dressed in tailored to fit black/dark coloured clothing that in her opinion "would look better on a doll."
    Blunt and coarse, is brief and argumentative, does not appreciate being a body double and unable to pursue her own style. Kind of a typical rebellious teenager.
    Due to her existence as a doppleganger, she can unhinge her jaw and swallow someone whole. Her appearance can also change within the bounds of that who she is meant to mirror, for instance she can not suddenly become a male... unless she has eaten said person, then she takes on their whole appearance for a short period of time.

    Is this character a partner, a best friend, a fellow warrior or something else?
    DG is the MC's doppleganger (dopplegangers are a double, often they are forecasters of death/bad luck). While once again staring at her other selfs un-ageing face DG, in a fit of annoyance, goes to eat her. The MC however talks her way out of this course of action and strikes up a deal: become my body double, live forever alongside me. So DG is somewhat of a reluctant sidekick.

    Finally find herself instead of being someone else's reflection.
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    His name is Christian Riley. He is twenty three. He has the same olive colored skin as his two friends Angel and Jesse. He has wavy black hair that is shoulder length and he always wears a bandanna in his hair. His eyes are chocolate brown. He has a lip ring. He wears a military jacket and band t shirts. He is very quiet and always looks serious. Chris lacks passion in almost everything, he doesn't really care about much except for music. Christian's psychic gift is telekinesis. Christian met his friends Angel and Jesse when he was 16 and realizing that they all had psychic gifts, they decided to open their own psychic business where they made a living telling people their futures. After the three of them were captured by an evil group of psychics who called themselves the Order Of Ellabrook. Chris and his friends were forced to follow through with the Order's plans to eliminate non psychics in order to create a more perfect world. After Christian is injured because Jesse refused to follow the Order, Christian is commanded by the Order to kill Jesse. Chris agrees but when he tries to follow through with it, he realizes he can't kill his best friend. In the end Christian is murdered for refusing the Order. Jesse mourns Christian's death because Chris died to protect Jesse.
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    Amongst the Mortals
    The character's name is Will Fordson, and is average in terms of physical appearance and ability(strength, weight, speed, height). He always seems to have shadows twisting around him, due to the fact that he is an apprentice necromancer. He is 14 years old and has dark black hair.

    When he was only a year old, his parents were attacked by a street gang. His mother died and his father went insane from the stress of losing his wife. He was adopted by an orphanage when an army of Fallen Angels attack Earth. He was 11 at the time. The magicians, who live like normal humans, immediately repel the attack, and after they have exhausted most of their options, they call upon their last resort:the necromancers. In this story, necromancers aren't evil, twisted abominations, but are simply just another type of magicians. Anyway, they come to the rescue, driving the Fallen Angels out of Will's orphanage. However, Will blindly punches out and hits a necromancer, who thought it was an enemy and instinctively shoot a spear of darkness at him. When it splits into 2 and bounces away to upon contact with his chest, the necromancer realizes that this would happen only with another necromancer, and apprentices will to their Order.

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