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    character introduction

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by haterade, Nov 19, 2016.

    so i'm creating a romance novel (well... it's actually a visual novel but i'm in the writing phase) and i'm having a hard time finding a way to introduce the love interests to each other. i had the idea of introducing them through being in the same club at school but i had a hard time finding a reason for the protagonist to be there. if anyone has any ideas or suggestions that would be a big help.
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    Interesting problem in modern times. People are so generally dismissive of each other, or chronically mistrustful, or just so generally self-obsessed the idea of "boy meets girl" becomes a difficulty. How in this world can we make that plausible? "Oh. They work in the same office and meet at the same water cooler and eventually they got up enough nerve to talk about something other than 'Who should have won on American Idol last night?'" Or, there's: "She took her dog to the same stretch of grass he took his dog to every morning, and eventually while their dogs pooed they struck up light conversation. After three months the guy got up the courage to ask her out for coffee and a bagel...after the poop scoop." Has the romance gone out of our lives? Lawd have mercy!

    I swore if I saw another guy slide over to a lady in a black sleeveless, mumble something dryly witty and ask her what she's drinkin' I was going to obtain a .50 cal and make a trip to screenplaywritersland. Then, I wrote something just like that thinking, "Mine is better. It's in Acapulco." Has anyone tried, "They met at an airliner crash site amid the smoke and blinking EMT truck lights...." Ah, yeah. Actually.

    My how things have changed.
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    Hello Haterade,

    I am also writing a visual novel, so I thought I'd give you a suggestion. There are two ways you can introduce the love character (at least two ways I use). Sometime during the set-up (like that neighbor girl we all had a crush on growing up) or, after the 2nd act break (this is where the MC does something to get his mind off the stress of the main events, and he meets a girl!) If the romance is the main point of the novel, I'd suggest you do it in the set-up of the story (like chapter 1 or 2). How I handled it was during the set-up of the story (the MC gets asked out on a date by the love character at the end of chapter 2, but my MC is a woman so...)
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    Here's a brainstorm of possible meet-cutes (based off your idea about them meeting at school):

    1. She broke a rule and he took the blame for her
    2. He broke a rule, she told on him, they both have to serve detention
    3. She witnesses him having a tough moment, later when he sees her upset, he talks to her
    4. He mistakes her for someone else (a tutor, a friend's sister, part of his carpool)
    5. Someone starts a rumor about them, at first they blame and confront each other
    6. They both win the most awful, cheesy contest, and suffer through the prize together
    7. They are paired up by the English teacher they both delight in driving insane
    8. Her ride forgets her and he has a fight with his brother, they are both sitting on the school steps

    Hope that sparks something for you - good luck!
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    My protagonist meets his love interest when she steals his wallet.

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