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    Character list for a Show about a show. Critiques welcome

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by motormouth, Feb 17, 2012.

    Im writing a script for a christmas progamme. So this year im trying to do something a bit unconventional. I want to make a show about a show- basically it shows people putting on a programme and the issues and Christian values they learn from the experience
    based on a premise of a group of 20 somethings are working at a tv studio, at the last minute a star backs out of their planned production, blowing the budjet for any Christmas production, they now have to pull together a programme with zero $$$ and all on their own.

    What i want is and critiques , suggestions, ideas on my characters that i have chosen. I actually did a similar premise (this is the actual original plot) so i dont want it to be too unoriginal. So any comments on it would be appreciated.

    Heres the characters

    Brando- Pretty boy wanna be actor, trying desperately to get his big break thus although he seems nice, he will try to subtly use ohters to get what he wants. Women find him attractive and he knows it so hell use that to his advantage (flatter and lead on the cafeteria workr for free food etc) Obsessed with his apperance and a bit callous when it and anything clashes. Does a game show

    Othello- Brandos best friend- Shakespeare and poetry buff. Make references to Shakespeare line during his dialogue. For this reason alot of people find him annoying and hes unpopular. But really , hes a much nicer guy than Brando but no one really sees that. does a poetry corner

    Sierra- Brandos younger sister. Very high energy and immature. Prone to sugar rushes and panic attacks. Doesnt really like her bother. Is actually a lot closer to Othello seeing as she really knows how her brother is and know that he's not as nice a guy that people think him to be. Works with a kids "Mr Rogers type story time.

    Spira- Conspiracy obsessed girl. To her everything has some underlining secret agenda.- rooms are filled with bugs and wires . Moon landing was faked etc. Is a bit of a shrew, lis critical of others who arent as "aware" as she is. Especially Brando who in her opnion is too frivalous and self- centred. But in secret, she has a strong attraction to him and shows in on occasion- gets angry when another girl shows interest . does a exposee of the true meaning of Christmas.

    Navarra- Works in fashion design, very hot tempered and sometimes rude, and a "wild " dresser. She is also deaf and mostly speaks in sign language. has a thing for Brando (who wants to use her to get his wardrobe designed) and competes with Spira for his attention.
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    Anyone here will probably tell you that it's impossible to tell if something will be good from a brief summary, and that it's how you write it that counts.

    Do you have the storyline mapped out all the way? Is there anything specific you're stuck on?

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