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    characters and music

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by afrodite7, Oct 26, 2010.

    -hey if my characters are musically inclined,should i make it important to the plot?

    -i thought it would be necessary to some degree.the main female (imani),who's a guitar prodigy and singer who can only play by sound not notes and her singing voice is really soft so she doesn't believe she can sing.

    -(also,in light of the fact its a fantasy story with aliens,is it over the top for her guitar to work with out an amp, and double as a lazer canon/machine gun,chainsaw?)

    -then her boyfriend the male lead (tsukito) is a singer/dj/rapper/piano player who can actually read notes (alien notes mostly)

    the thing is,all the people i know into music are muilti-talented being able to play at least two or more intruments and can usualy sing or rap
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    If their musical talent is important to the plot, then mention it. If it isn't, then don't go into too much detail about it. If you go on at great length about some feature of a character, the reader starts thinking that it's important, and if the story ends without it being important, the reader feels manipulated.

    I have a couple of guitars that work without an amp, in actual reality. They're acoustic guitars. So I guess they could exist in a fantasy, too. But if your character needs a laser cannon or a chain saw, then her guitar might not be the first thing she reaches for ...

    Look, afrodite7, you're the writer. Write whatever you want! If you write well enough, then it'll all be fine. You won't have to wonder if something or other is over the top.

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