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    Characters for a Christmas Play

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by motormouth, Jan 24, 2018.

    Ive started to reedit a musical script that i wrote years ago and which we performed at our church in 2010. I aim to improve the dialogue and expand on the characters, using skills i developed since then.
    The basic premise is that as part of their journalism course, a group of college students are sent to carry out interviews to discover-What is the meaning of Christmas? Their tutor being bit of a jerk, purposely pairs the class members with each other based on their mutual dislike of each other, to teach them how to work with anyone.
    What I need is some imput on the characters as to how to expand and deepen their personalities and conflicts.
    Star athelete, arrogant but charming, wannabe womaniser. Currently dating Vida but is secretly trying to woo Bella, seeing her as a step up he's paired with......

    Theatre arts student. Constantly makes quotes from plays. Sees himself as the next great actor and constantly brags about his past and upcoming roles despite only getting bit arts and not being that good of an actor. Contantlly eludes to past roles Is irritated by Randy's huge ego and plans to cheat on Vida, who he himself implicitly fancies.

    Rich girl, while not intentionally snobbish constantly flaunts her wealth by talking about her shopping and travels, and cant comprehend that others actually have to get vacation jobs or have to work since she has been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. disgusted by Randy's advances . In a one sided friendship with Hemlock who really doesnt want her around .Paired with ......

    Young lady from the lower income area of town. Extremely hard worker as she is putting herself through college. Envious/scornful of Bella who has basically been handed everything to her and also because she thinks she wants Randy. Vida is highly defensive and devoted to randy and basically blind to his roving eye.

    Conspiracy obsessed teen. To him, EVERYTHING is a conspiracy or plot of some sort. Always hooked to a device of some sort.Paired with.......

    NANDI- Enviro activist hippie type young lady. Somewhat self righteous over the classmates who arent as enviro friendly as she. Ths brings her into regular conflic with Dexter who is tech obsessed.

    A goth former juvenile delinquent. Anti social and feared as a witch by other students (shes not) . Only person with a mild social relationship she has is with Bella namely because Bella has latched onto her and wont leave her alone. Paired with noone as the school doesnt want to risk an incident

    Id need some quirks or character conflicts to flesh out these characters.

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