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    Childhood's End (SyFy Channel)

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Wreybies, Dec 17, 2015.


    This concerns the SyFy Channel's treatment of the book originally written by Arthur C. Clarke in 1953. It's very much a story in the style of Arthur C. Clarke during the heyday of Golden Age Science Fiction. It completely lacks a modern cynicism as regards our innate selves as a species and how we would genuinely react to an "uplift" situation, were such a thing to happen. It's idealized into a sort of essence where most of humanity accepts the Golden Era of Man that is offered by the Overlords and only an idiosyncratic few hide away in a city called New Athens where life is lived the old way, dirty and hectic, but vibrant. A similar theme was explored in his The City and the Stars (1956), where Diaspar was the city of eternal life, perfect, yet sterile; the city of Lys, its hidden counterpart, is natural and imperfect, but alive. In the end, it's a privileged story, in the modern sense of that word, where the genuinely ugly things that would no doubt take place a million times a day across the globe in this scenario are screened out and only alluded to. In the real-real world, I think we would have destroyed ourselves long before Jennifer was born. I don't think we would have really made it that far. Perhaps it was because of when this story was written, just after WWII, that Clarke's work shows a kind of denial of the things that were seen and experienced during that era. Had I lived through that, perhaps I too would want to sell my message with as soft a shoe as I could. Don't know.​

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