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    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by BillyxRansom, Feb 12, 2009.

    Has there ever been a collaboration born from two members of this site??

    Or has anyone on this site ever collaborated with someone else? Were they a friend/family member/spouse?

    Please share details if possible!

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    You could say that every RPG game is a collaboration. There have also been a couple of threads to deliberately create collaborative stories. So I suppose you need to specify more clearly exactly what you are asking.

    On the other hand, we have had situations in which members have actively solicited writers for collaboration on writing projects. In addition to it being a form of advertising, members have been harassed to collabrate when all they agreed to do was review something. Therefore, any solicitation for collaborators is prohibited on the site, whether by open post or private communications. That doesn't mean we forbid members from mutually agreeing to collaborate on a project, but we don't allow recruitment efforts.
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    My main fantasy storyline started out as a collaboration between my old best friend and myself years ago, in childhood. We started writing a short story together. Unfortunately, she moved away and lost interest before we lost touch. I never finished that story (I still have it and it's so utterly horrendous it's laughable :redface: ), but I wrote some related short stories, then in 2001 I started a serial set in the same location and have been writing about this place ever since. So I owe this entire storyline's existence to a collaboration.

    For the most part though, I don't do collabs because my writing is MINE and I don't tend to play well with others. (I would nitpick so much I bet people would want to murder me.) I don't even participate in RPGs since I'd have no clue what's going on.
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    in the years i've been mentoring aspiring writers of all breeds, i've come across stories of the partner-from-hell that should be enough to keep anyone from even considering a collaboration!... and had to do my very best paralegal arm-twisting to get a couple of the victims out of disastrous hookups...

    with one, it was too late and she actually lost ownership of her very own original [and highly marketable!] screenplay to the collaborator she didn't protect herself from adequately before entering into a co-writing situation... which she had done against my advice, sad to say... and then regretted not having listened, her lesson learned the hardest way...

    that said, good, workable partnerships do exist... thing is, they're the exception, not the rule... but if you're bound and determined to do it, just be sure you vet the other party thoroughly and do NOT write a single word before having a collaboration contract in place that has been okayed by your own literary attorney...

    you can find a sample on www.wga.org
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    I was considering suggesting a collaboration until I read this. Instead, I think I'll explore the RPGs :)

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