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    Collaborative Character Journal

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Shandeh, Jul 7, 2013.

    OK so here are the rules ^^

    With this little project, the idea is to attempt to have some kind of a contiguous plot, tracked by the character's journal entries. There is no minimum or maximum limit to the length of the journal entry. No guidelines. What happens to this character can be as reasonable or as crazy as you want! The only rule is that you have to write the day after the person before you. So the next to post will write day two. Then the person after them day three, and so on, and so forth.

    I've started us off with day one.

    It has been far too many years since last I saw the forests of home. The utter greenness of the plantlife; the abundance of animals of all kinds; the cheerful burbling of the streams and waterfalls; these are the things I miss.

    Returning, now, to a desolate wasteland, I can’t help but wonder: why? Why wreak such destruction?

    This place was beautiful once.

    No longer. Looking around, I can see no trace of any life at all. My beloved forest has been reduced to nothing but rolling dunes. There isn’t a track to mar the perfection of the sand. The silence is absolute. My home is dead.

    But not lifeless - no, never lifeless. The things I see when I close my eyes keep me awake at night. Demons, with lips curled back to reveal fangs dripping with blood and ichor; their hounds, black as the deepest pits of Hell, eyes glowing scarlet in the dark; vampires, human but inhuman, come to suck the last of the life from my battered body; I see these things and I await their coming.

    Come, they do not.

    I fear I’m going mad. Perhaps I am already there. Are these the ravings of a madman? Can I ever be quite sure of my sanity?

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