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    connecting different threads of story

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by elfdragonlord, Dec 16, 2006.

    I have abandoned the story I am currently working on - because I was finding the prospect of writing it exceedingly dull. It strikes me that if I find nothing of interest in the story, then neither will anyone else.

    But now I have a problem - I have several threads of story that need connecting.

    The next story in my series of stories I have planned takes place in the far eastern part of my fantasy world - a place that is overrun and terrorised by insectoid creatures with great powers of mind magic.

    The insectoids have already been introduced in previous stories (as a historical thing - we've not met them yet) - and I need to introduce that eastern part of the world before I start the next story, and also find a way of showing that the insectoids ended up there.

    There is also an ancient ultra-powerful stone that can take away people's or creature's magical abilities - I need the key character from the eastern part of the world to become aware of the existence of this stone and its place in events that happened eons ago on this fantasy world. Only elves (including dark elves) and dragons know of the stone's existence (it has been hidden since the dark elves split from the surface elves)

    Also, there is a character from my last story that got turned into a ghoul - it would also be pretty neat if I could include something about his fate. Perhaps have him freed from his condition. That story took place in the part of the world that roughly corresponds to the Middle east.

    How do I connect these different strands of story into one great short story or novel?

    *edited - I have now solved this plot problem myself so don't worry about it;) *
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    Thanks for shaaring!!!!!!!!

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