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    Create A New Language and New World Order?

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by robotamadeus, Oct 14, 2011.

    Heres an idea for you...what if someone had the ability to beam any thought, image, smell, sound,video, or experience into the minds of the whole planet? Psychotronic technology hints that this might be possible in the near future. But if you had this technology what would you do? There are all kinds of cool things you could do. Would you use brainwashing technologies to create a beautiful Utopian planet, or would you wreak havoc and catastrophy to create a dystopian world? Would you spread pure love and peace throughout the world and engineer peace on planet earth? With this power you would have more marketing saturation than all internet, television, radio, movies, videogames, and publishing on planet earth. What would you do if you could beam any media into the critical mass population of the whole planet? Create world wide TV shows? Market a massive empire to the whole planet? Would you become a religious leader and start your own religion? Would you start a religion around your WorldCORP and have everybody devoutly following and buying your religious products? Since everything around us is perception, and you had the ability to condition perception with potent techniques for years and years on end, how would you metamorph the perception of the world. Make everybody think black is white? Create new colors? Create a graphical optical overlay system that associates different images and colors to different concepts, knowledge, or corporate branding? Another thing you might want to do is start your own logos language. Teach the whole world anything. Would you turn the whole world into zombies that were mindlessly droning the same zen mantras over and over? YOu could also maybe create social games and spread them virally or maybe even games that people interact with in their heads. If you could spread any indoctrination or propaganda you wanted would you try to exert force on and play your hand at politics? Would you want everybody to do something crazy like worship the Power Rangers? WOuld you try to leverage your societal influence to play the stock market and either destroy or aggressively promote certain stocks in peoples minds? WOuld you make every one think they looked like animals and worship animal spirits and transmit psychadellic spiritual trips into the hive mind? End racsim? Create the mind armageddon where everyone undergoes a ClockWorkOrange experience with the most abrasive and potently deplorable experiences destroy the minds of the planet maybe? Or use this potent traumatic power to condition the world in a positive, lif affirming way? Would you create the new age Kingdom Come and be a messiah of the new age? Make everybody believe you were Jesus? Would you want to legalize drugs? Also what if with this power you also could see the future of anything on the planet through Montauk technology? You could forsee politics, economy, environmental disasters, technological advancement, etc... This is just a fun idea I came up with that may be more than just an idea in the future. How would you use this power and what cool things would you dominate the planet with this power?
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    I would "cleanse" humanity of all idiocy, corruption, delusions, and all other crap constantly made up the further humanity goes. Then I would basically set in motion a new world order, it wouldn't exactly be a world order, just simple logic that almost no one seems to come up with, get, or care about.
    The development of science and technology would be very important, probably the most important since it is directly connected with our survival. This means changing school system, so people would be more aware of all that stuff.
    There would be no politicians who sit on their asses all day long and raise their own salary on the account of "common" people. Politicians' income would be rather low, if it is low then only those who really care about that kind of job would want it, not the kind of greedy assholes, who only want that job because the pay is VERY high and who otherwise are total idiots (some of them are good people and in the right place, but only a small amount).
    There would be no prisons the way they are now. You make a mistake/crime, you pay for it with forced labor, if you don't learn from the punishment the next time you die. I don't get it, currently if someone makes a crime, he gets locked up, but who pays for them being locked up, keeping them safe, fed, clothed? The ones they stole from, the ones whose relatives were killed by them. It is just ridiculous. If someone kills somebody because of their own greed, insanity, etc., the punishment is death. If the killer is not known, there will be investigations, once identified - death.
    Everyone must be able take care of themselves till they die of age, either be that healthy or stack up lots of money. There will be no places for old people or anyone who cannot make it on their own. In special cases like being a real genius, it would be different.
    All religion would be erased. It is the worst corruption humanity has.

    Basically no idiocy, greed, hurting others with no reason good enough.

    A huge rock is coming towards Earth and the only way to survive is to leave the planet. Technology to build a space ship is available but the problem is the cost, there is no way to get that amount of money for the mission. There would be no problem like that, it is you either do it or no more humanity. In a situation like that money loses all value, you do what you have to to ensure survival, and people would know it.

    I see all this crap around me, in the news, people talking, etc.. I just notice all of it and it makes me very angry and sad. It is also very understandable, humanity, after all, is extremely young.
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    Not gonna lie, I'd just goatse the world. Just once, for like a minute, everybody in the world would just see goatse - it'd be like that one TV show from a couple years back, only infinitely worse.

    I'm not very ambitious when it comes to changing the world and all that. Also I'm a bit of a cock.

    (If you don't know what goatse is, don't look it up. Very NSFW.)
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    HAH. Excellent.

    The way I see it, politicians ask themselves "what if" way too often, but it's boring what ifs, like, "What if I price carbon emissions?"
    See, I'd run worldwide hallucinations, likes schizophrenia. This would be a full-time job, of course, thinking of new scary things. Dragons in Norway. Nazis in your back yard. Tom Cruise flying.

    You know the drill.
    Of course, this would give politicians problems, daily, that they could be seen to be tackling. It would be good for them. And the urge and compulsion to illegally smoke marijuana would be worldwide, but for a special taskforce of regular humans outfitted with the best handheld weapons of the age, believing that marijuana smokers are or will certainly be violent offenders. Thus, chaos. People would crave it, but not know why and would be terrified to.
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    To the thread starter, you have a rather long and detailed scenario that you present there. You should consider writing a sci-fi story about this scenario if you haven't already done so, and present it under the short stories section in this forum.

    Unless you are serious about this...in which case there are people to whom you can share your plans for world domination using "psychotronic technology". Special people, who wear white coats and are only there to help you...

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