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    creating a really crazy and complex science fiction story

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by La VoS, Mar 30, 2011.

    Hey, I have working on this idea for the last 15 years.

    The best way to describe the concept of it is to think of a mix of Chrono Trigger (snes game) Xenogears (psx game) Dr. Who (TV show), DragonBall series, Guyber BioBooster Armor, and Mass Effect series.

    I am not just creating a plot but a whole "universe" to which I can make many stories set in, and connect them all together.

    My original plot starts out in just slightly in the future.

    Some evil scientists are working on DNA research, and unlocking the hidden potential of the human brain and human DNA. The scientists trick and kidnap various people from the surrounding villages to use as Ginnie pigs. While they are doing there work the villagers form a mob and storm the compound and save all the victims and kill all the scientists. In the compound where found many babies who where unknown, and no one in the mob could figure out whos babies they where, but still took them in with the other victims.

    One of these babies become the main character. He is raised as a normal child by the people who saved him.

    One day this character suffers very traumatic head trauma and electrocution. This unlocks something inside his brain. Due to the what the scientists did his brain is able to tap into his DNA Memory. At first, and for the majority of the first plot, he is unable to control his new found powers, and is constantly digressing back into his DNA memory. At first he acquires random memories and personality traits of his father, and it sends him on an adventure figuring out who his family was, what his father, and ultimately his family legacy was all about. During this time he tracks down and finds other survivors from the experiments, and befriends some of them, and making enemies with others.

    After awhile he starts getting flooded with memories and personality traits of his grand father, who was a very evil and violent person and this turns the main character into a bad guy for a part of the story, thus throwing the sub characters into the spot light.

    The main character progresses so far back into his memories that he eventually gets memories of cave men, and his DNA starts digressing and he starts physically changing, becoming monstrous.

    The main character is then subdued and finally captured by his friends by injecting him with a formula they created using the main characters fathers research, but the main characters enemies (pretending to be friends) take the research and findings of the father for self gain, and to carry on the legacy of experimenting.

    At this point the main character starts recovering and understanding how to tap into specific DNA memories and how to control them. His father is still alive has basically been monitoring him and trying to get him to his max potential, as well as continuing his experiments and research.

    The main character starts merging all the memories and experiences into one personality, and using the knowledge of all of it to combat his enemies.

    a few years after this, he has a child, and not only can it speak at a very early age, it shows signs of remembering things that it should not know yet.

    I then want to make a second plot that Involves the son, and the main character of the first plot. In this story, he learns how all major corporations, banks and governments are being run by a group of people who have tapped into there DNA memory and are using the power to enslave the world. The whole plot is uncovering the ultimate truths to the origins of the human race, civilization and culture. It involves memories from Aztec, Sumarian, and other ancient peoples. The main characters learn how "The Company" doing its experiments went so far back in DNA memory that they learned that life did not start on earth, and that human DNA came from an extremely advanced race from a planet called Tiamat (the planet that used to be between Mars and Jupiter) after they had a war with Mars, which ended in the total destruction of Tiamat, and the destruction of the atmosphere of Mars.

    The earths moon is actually the remains of the escape pod that the Tiamatians used to get to earth.

    The reason the Sumarians where so enlightened on the workings of time, the universe, planets, and the origin of earth was due to how one of them being controlled by the decedents of the Tiamatians. Originally every Tiamatian had the ability of tapping into DNA memory, but after the great war, the survivors engineered everyone else but them to not have the ability. They knew that when people where born, if they did not have the knowledge of there ancestors they would ALWAYS be below the CONTROLLING CLASS. The controlling class are not the same bodies as the original Tiamatians, but there minds are controlled by the original minds of the Tiamtians.

    This is why there has always been 2 classes of people in the world, always Slaves and Controllers. Today it is no different. The controllers are not just merly rich people who bought there way to the top, the true controlling class, the entity that controls the economy, banking, the shadow government that controls every government on the globe, but gives the appearance that each country is separate.

    The whole point to this plot is to show people the corruption, and intentions of the higher class, the corporations, and banks. In the story we learn that the father of the character in the first plot was actually researching trying to unlock DNA memory for everyone on earth, and was forced to do some bad things in order to accompish this, and that he was actually trying to be a good guy and take down the controlling Class.

    The Third Plot, is a story of the future of man kind. The first plot was about modern day, and the now, the second plot is all about the past, and the third plot is all about the future.

    The story shows where man can go if not being held back by the controlling class. At the end of the second plot the main characters destroy the controlling class, and use the new found knowledge to improve man kind.

    The third plot is like a bunch of short stories that all connect together tightly, but span a large time frame. It shows the progress of the human race, as well as the family of from the first two plots. The family is the only one that has the DNA memory, and the further the blood line goes, the more super human they become due to the mass collection of information they all have. Every generation gets increasingly smarter and smarter, to the point where they seem almost like super heros (Think of Goku and his family from Dragonball Z)

    At the end of the plot it shows that it was all memories that someone way way way in the future was remembering, as the turning point, and most important time in human history, and how every human in the future are decedents of that family that unlocked DNA memory, due to how advanced they became compared to everyone else. and the short stories show the key moments of how that happened. At the end of this story, It is so far in the future, it is past the destruction of earth, and man kind has now colonized many planets, can fold space and use black holes to travel extreme distances, and have actually been able to not only use black holes to travel, but are starting to uncover the real truth of existence, that everything is inside a black hole from another "universe", and that the black holes in our universe create other universe, and so on, and if you look at it all from the big picture, its the exact same of how the brain works, and all of existence is actually just apart of some larger conscience.

    I know this project seems too complex, but what I am trying to do is plan it all out before I start writing, so that I can inject things early on in the story that at the time do not seem like much, but later on in the story it makes it seem like its all super connected.

    I am actually seeking help with this massive project with aspects such as character creation, character back story, personality creation, and what not.
    I try my hardest to work on this project, but it gets so boring doing it alone all the time. I don't know anyone else who is interested in writing, or extreme science fiction stories, and i can't even talk to anyone I know about this idea as they lose interest and don't want to talk about it... anyone wants to get together , chat, throw ideas back and forth would be great, and I could help you out on your projects

    I am really good at creating the over all plots, the story ideas, the hidden messages, the morals and lessons that need to be taught, but I really suck at character personality creation, dialog, or inter character interactions, as when ever I write that kinda stuff it seems like George Lucas type stuff (he has great ideas, but sucks ass at character development / character interaction)
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    ^La Vos, how come it's taken you 15 years to write this? What has stopped you? I don't know, but maybe it's a bit too complex for you to write. I'm all for making a story as compelling as possible. However, not so much that it would prevent you from writing it.

    In my opinion, I think you should try to simplify your story a little, take the pressure off yourself. Or -- start on a new one. There's always a possibility you can go back to it. And, in my opinion, if it's taking so much for you to write and figure out this novel of yours, I don't think it's a good story to write.

    I'm not trying to put your down or anything. Please don't take it that way. I just feel sad to see a fellow writer who's been writing this great idea of his and it's taken 15+ years. No artist should have to go through that :)
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    Your entire story sounds pretty impressive, but these two parts made me think "WHOA! COOL!"

    Being bad at characterization and dialogue shouldn't hold you back. They're the types of issues that are really easy to go back and revise without screwing up the rest of the story. Whenever I go back and revise, I have to fix plotholes and subplots, and that can really trip up a novel to the point where it's just better to rewrite. You probably won't face these problems if you have the plots all figured out.

    Taylee has a good point that you don't want to be held back, but it definitely should be written. Maybe you can start off with one of the characters/plots, then work on another aspect of it later, and then piece everything together later on? This way you won't get too deep over your head.
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    Well, your story isn't going to write itself on paper. The only way to get better at those things is to practice, show others your work, and ask for advice on improving. :)
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    thank you very much for the replies.

    I hear ya that I need to simplify the story to make it easier on me, but I am trying my hardest to get tons of backstory figured out before I start making the real thing. Most of the backstory might not even be used, but I want to have this be the type of project that has so many small things through out all the stories that jsut connect everything and make every story feel like it completly connects to the other parts.

    My plan actually is to create a short film using this idea, and expand it to a full film. (I work in the film industry part time, and have extensive connections and experience with it) Then once I get the short film done, use it as a base to continue the rest of the project. script and film writing is so much different than straight up story writing. I want to make it so the basic outline of the story is there, but give the actors / actresses freedom to improve lines in scenes according to how they would act if they where in the same situation.

    I haven't been SERIOUSLY working on this project for 15 years, I have just been constantly updating the concept and idea of it for 15 years. I have large parts written, I have excessive backgrounds on characters written. In highschool I wrote a 10 page story about this, and failed the project because the teacher said the story was too complicated and normal people would never be able to keep up with it. I have been so busy with life in the last 7 years I haven't really had any time to work on it, but it has always been in the back of my mind. Just recently I finally got a great full time job, and FINALLY getting settled down into a normal routine, and decided with my spare time I should do some writing on my story. I spend hours a day doing it, but lately I have been craving to be able to talk to someone about it, someone who is actually interested in it, as all the people I know are not interested in Science Fiction, writing, or complicated stories.

    I had around 150 pages and had it all on my external hard drive... which just died making me lose it all. So now I have to start over :(

    I am not posting here because I cannot get it written, I am posting here because I am seeking to find people who enjoy writing, people who are interested in the over all story, and people I can just chat with about my story as I get it written.

    I just seem to make ideas, and figure **** out sooo much faster when I am chatting with people. Even just writing that short synopsis of the story helped me think of small things here and there that would greatly improve the story, such as the idea of bring the father back in the second book and reveal that he really wasen't ALL bad guy, like you thought he was from the first book.

    I am trying to take all the major conspiracy stories, all the weird things of history (such as how the hell sumarians new the solar system so well.. they knew the sun was in the middle, all the planets, they even knew the colors and sizes of all the planets, there calendar was more persice then the one we use now. Genesis from the Bible came from the Sumarian 7 Tablets of Creation. They even had the symbol we use for DNA on those tablets) and fuse them into one story and explain them all.
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    If my first plot was made into a movie this would be the sound track. I listen to music I feel would suit what I am writing about and this is the sound track I mainly listen to while writing.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u5_jii1F-o - Xenogears Techno remix, would be good for a part when he is growing up with a normal life, being a teen, livin the life.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc98u-eGzlc - Meshuggah - Bleed - Would be perfect for when hes tripping out in personalities that are in the dark ages and beyond... going all crazy, all confused, blundering around, attacking people and what not

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms1Wl5UcqXU - Metal - Broadcast the Nightmare - Grave Danger + Hades Rising - Awesome battle music. The scene at the very start were the mob is killing all the scientists.... the first part would be awesome. The second part is a good sound too if you like metal :p

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2MFZm-2Klc - Techno remix of a Chrono Trigger song ;) would be really good for when the main character is learning how to control his powers, and reach back into his memories and gain skills his ancestors possessed.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u5_jii1F-o - Another Xenogears remix. This would be good for using the knowledge he ha gained from his powers and just totally getting the job done.

    And lastly my all time favorite death metal song, from All Shall Perish, Black gold Reigns


    Lryics are extremely powerful,

    Will they see?
    Will they hear?
    Will they see this?
    Will they feel this?
    Will they hear the voice of resistance or will they bring us down for their bloodshed?
    Trade us all 'til black gold rains
    Fought this fight, there's no end in sight except for our rights
    Will they blind us all?
    "Be all that you can be"
    Forever in vain, our wasted beliefs
    Erase the truth
    So with that fall from grace will they burn it all down in an emphatic
    Fading away
    Fading away
    To this time
    To when we began
    Forever from cleansing the blood on our hands
    Release the truth
    Destroyed in anguish, another million faceless
    And I wish we had eyes to view our demise
    Tomorrow, together we rise
    With their fallen disguise we must hunt the despised
    Thieves; high class murderers
    They can't taste this anger that flows through our veins
    A separation of our own god damned nation that lets us die
    Leaders that follow a golden tomorrow
    They bleed us dry
    We let them rise
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    Start writing it. Even if you have to re-write it five times, at least you're getting your hands into it.
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    When doing characters I imagine that I'm in a movie and playing the part of the character and I do that before I write to create a "scene" and then while I'm writing to keep the dialogue fresh.

    Imagine that you told some stranger about your story and they offered you 20 million to star in the movie, could you do it?
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    Like others have said start writing it. That world maybe impressive but unless it works with a story it is useless. My universe developed deep, complicated etc over a year. I have yet to do any world or universe building except for whilst writing the stories.

    Everyone approaches it differently but if you develop your character, let them tell their story and include the world when you need it.

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