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  1. Gautham

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    Feb 8, 2014
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    Credits and Critics needed ..

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Gautham, Feb 8, 2014.

    Hi everyone, I've just came up with a small plot. But i'm not that much experienced or a professional to think some opinion/views on my own writing. Need all your help, much :)

    Its only the plot i'll have to think upon developing by connecting the dots.

    Genre - Psychological Robbery Thriller.

    Type - Non Linear Narrative.

    SMART 5's is the robbery gang, named by gathering the first letter of 5 people of it. 'A' is the lead of them, who plans the task and make celebration at the end and he is bastard money psycho type of character. Their robbery performs as like linear map, started with small mischief for eating to robbery for living. They felt bored of playing this risky job and plans to settle with a last big robbery. 'Mr.A' plans the task as usual with blueprint of their plan, always 'Mr.S' and 'Mr.M' are his right side due to their intelligent mind of presence. At some point 'Mr.A' along with 'Mr.R','Mr.T' plans to kill the remaining 2 and share the lot among themselves. This news will be sneaked to 'Mr.S'.

    They robbed the item (anything it may be, precious) and were running from cops, entering into a strange ghost living kinda house , 'Mr.A' had informed the team that this house was completely inspected before nothing like ghost existence is present here and bla bla. In less than 5min after they entered the house, 'Mr.A' was set to killed and in every 30min the next next persons were set to killed and their bodies where vanished immediately, 'Mr.S' remained for the last. 'Mr.S' was completely confused whether its a planned attempt by his team members or it just involved only 'Mr.A' . 'Mr.S', known for his intelligent mind finds out by **someway** 'Mr.A' is acting like ghost and killed others and make the world outside like they are dead because of ghosts existence inside the house.

    TWIST - 'Mr.S' before the start of the plan knows that 'Mr.A' is going to kill him anyhow, he sets a camera in the robbery spot and cops can use it to catch the robber. Now to the outside world 'Mr.A' is the thief. The door opens after another 30mins and its 'Mr.S'.

    The Close of Story at the Open of the Door. . . .


    Let me know your credits and critics :)

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