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    Crime and Vice (split from Crime in the UK)

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Raven, Feb 26, 2007.

    There is an easy way to deal with that whole "stealing for drugs and money".

    Legalise drugs and prostitution and place under government control. Instantaneously you watch the crime dissapear and the criminals are "out of a job". The two main sponsors of crime are drugs and prostitution. With them out of the way criminals can't do much to support their activities.

    The tax from those things could sponsor the NHS and urban development projects further reducing crimes while ensuring a standardised supply of drugs to make them safer to use. This could also help reduce addictions.

    Holland... Lower Crime rates due to its legalisation and lower use rates...

    90% of people who use a drug do one of the following drugs. The Cannabinoid family (Weed, Hash, Valium), The Amphetamine Family (K, Ecstacy, Zoloft) and hallucinogenia Family (Mushrooms, LSD)
    Most are casual users of cannabis and users of ecstacy or LSD. The main problems with those two chemical drugs is their production. If its state produced the quality is improved to make it safer. Zoloft and Ecstacy are the same drug with different dosages. They have the same effects.

    Not many people use heroin and coke. No one uses them but idiots. Even the most high weed heads don't think "mmm... Heroin". And for heaven's sake, I have seen a lot of the effect of these drugs and I would rank Ecstacy, LSD, Hash and Cannabis UNDER Alcohol. None of those drugs makes you violent... Legalising them would take a chunk out of crime profit and raise a chunk of money for the government. Also the legalised status means people can try them out removing the glory aspect of drugs as a subversive event. Dear lord most of the people who do drugs are rich... I mean even I have experimented with some drugs. Cannabis is a good relaxant as is Hash, I don't recommend it to others without knowing the benefits and problems with it. I can safely say I am not addicted. I have had to take morphine for a tib fib fracture and was on it for two weeks. I have seen what ecstacy really does, it looks like fun but now a poor girl is in the situation of having done something terrible while on it... Yes she kissed me... If it makes you do such a stupid thing then its definitely has a down side. Remember only an idiot deals drugs in amsterdam...

    Its the oldest profession in the world. Hell its just an extension of the idea of marraige where in exchange for financial security you have mutual access to a breeding partner...

    Its not going anywhere. There are always desperate people. People will always pay for sex. You won't remove it just by banning it. You just give credence to criminals. Legalising it will protect the girls from Pimps. It will provide them better healthcare. It will raise money via income tax. It will take money away from crime. It will also provide a healthier work environment. It will stop the illegal sex trade. It will stop spread of STDs.

    Its not a made up logic. This works to an extent. It works better than "banning these things". And with these legalised criminals lose a lot of their infrastructure. These are the life forces of crime since no one runs protection rackets. And the loss of these is the reduction of a lot of crime.

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