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    Crit Group Rules

    Discussion in 'The Art of Critique' started by ariella, Jan 18, 2007.

    1. You may post up to 5,000 words every Monday. Only one post per week. If a poem or song, or anything else, just one piece of work please.

    2. You must critique all posted material by Sunday or at least 2 pieces of work. If for some reason it’s not possible please PM the moderator. If you’re unable to inform the moderator that week do so as soon as possible. If you don’t comply with the rules for over a period of two (2) weeks you will receive a warning, on the third week you will be removed from the group.

    3. All critiques must be helpful to the members. “This is great!” or “I don’t like this” won’t be accepted as constructive criticism. Please be specific why you liked or disliked something and ALWAYS in a polite and helpful manner. Point out to the author not only the bad but also the good and feel free to give suggestions if the author has specified that he/she is open to them.

    4. Rude behaviour towards other members of the group WILL not be tolerated. We want our members to be writers as well as friends with respect towards each other. If anyone has any problems in regards to any member of the groups please inform someone straight away so the matter can be dealt with straight away. Any member that shows disrespect to another member will be dealt with accordingly, being removed and banned from the crit groups permanently.

    Admission to these Crit Groups is open to all Writing Forums members in good standing.
    You agree that listing your work in this forum does not constitute publication;
    You agree not to share the work of other members with anyone outside of the forum, and that will delete any printouts or copies of the work of others once your critique is complete;
    You agree to a strict participation requirement of three posts per calendar month. Those posts can be one submission and two critiques or three critiques. You also agree that you understand you are permitted to submit more than one work each calendar month, but each submission must adhere to the 1 submission/2 critique ratio;
    You agree to adhere to the critique guidelines. Critiques such as “I liked your story” do not adhere and will not count toward the posting requirements.
    You understand you may join more than one critique group, but must meet posting requirements for EACH group. Critique credit will NOT transfer across groups;
    You understand all submissions in the member critique groups will be deleted after 45 days. This should allow all members time to supply critiques;
    There will be a zero-tolerance policy for flaming in these forums. Members who personally attack other members will permanently lose access to the forums immediately. Writing is a stressful enough endeavour without receiving personal attacks from other members. The administration reserves the right to determine what actions constitute flaming.
    Please read these rules carefully before applying for admission to any of these critique forums. Because you must agree to each of these conditions prior to admission into the crit groups, later claiming ignorance of these rules will not protect your crit group membership if you do not abide by these rules.

    The administration reserves the right to refuse entry to any member at any time.

    The purpose of these Crit groups is to provide members a place to learn from their writing mistakes. Some members are seeking publication and others are writing for their own enjoyment. But all are entitled to recieve the best crit possible.

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