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    Destiny Of Earth

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Nikhil, Dec 13, 2008.

    Destiny of Earth

    The earth is now scarred with brutal wars. Massacres and killings are now very ordinary. Trickery and betrayal are not behind in the race. Except for a few sensible advisors everyone care for their own selves. It is difficult to survive in such a treacherous region where only cleverness prevails for the good Lords were murdered by their own ministers and was declared the doings of the other race. Those who tried to oppose their rule were beheaded. If such a ghastly nature exists in their own army then what would be the state of the relations of the races. Utmost brutality was shown. Raids were conducted and outposts were demolished. They formed alliances to defeat a threatening enemy. Even before the enemy was finished they plotted to finish each other after the enemy was killed. Chaos was on the tounges of the residers.

    The races are as follows:

    Humans are one of the prominent races along with the Orcs and Dead. They depend much on physical strength due to the absence of magic. Their army includes the swordsmen, archers and knights. The region under the Humans has horses in both good quality and quantity. The arrows and swords are bathed with poison prior to a battle. Even the horses are trained to kick enemies. They build walls of bricks to protect their area. Guard Towers are placed heavily to stop any enemy intrusion. The arrows used by these towers are also dipped in poison. The humans are wicked and cruel due to the killings of those who were good. But a few people are still good and ae trying to induce in children the quality of kindness.

    Orcs are one of the powerful races. Like the humans they also heavily depend on their physical strength. They know little or you may say no magic. Their army consists of axemen, spearthrowers and wolf-riders. In the absence of horses the Orcs depend on trained wolves. Wolves are trained to fight even when their master is not around. They are trained to rip the flesh of their victims. They build walls of wood and use watch towers to guard their territory. Instead of dipping the arrows and axes with swords they use a lubricant which sharpens their weapons and also poisons enemies but not as effective as the poison humans use. The orcs firmly belive killing and other cruel activities are against their status. A few arrogant chieftains soon turned the race into vicious people. Good Orcs are still trying to reinstate the old qualities.

    Dead are a very strong race increasing in number. Only once in the history it has happened and it is said would never happen that all the dead warriors who prayed to the Death Lord for another life were given only one chance and were revived and have now formed their own army. The Dead possess bodies just like other races but they are darker. Their army consists of dead humans, orcs, elves, trolls and the other races. They build walls from the bones of the dead people. These walls are strengthened by dark creepers feeding on these bones and stay there until destroyed. They use Spirit Towers to protect themselves. The spirit is a form of energy gained from the dead souls. Being brought by dark magic doesn't mean that all are evil. Some were good but were killed. Still a few good are trying to bring back the goodness.

    Elves are a very important race being the only one to know magic other than the trolls. Unlike the Humans and Orcs they depend on magical energy and the main drawback they have is they cannot cast magic constantly. Their army consists of archers and sorcerers. They build walls made of a magical substance and have magical towers to protect themselves. The lords use magic to veil their true identity and use brutality as well. The good have been constantly trying to get the good rule again.

    Trolls are another important race knowing magic. Unlikely to what they appear they are not strong on melee grounds and depend on magic. Their army consists of head-hunters and wizards. They build walls of a magical substance which differs to that used by the elves. Like the elves their chieftains also use magic for wrong doings and the good are hoping to get back their old kingdom.

    Dwarfs are not very prominent as they tend to stay away from the other races. They reside in the caves in mountains. They are short but mighty. They don't know magic but use technology and gunpowder to finish their enemies. They use powerful hammers to stun their enemies and guns and other weapons. Their army consists of machines as well. They having short height build machines in which they stay. They operate the machines well and use melee weapons.

    Similar to the dwarfs they are also not very popular. They reside under the ground. They are also short but strong. One bash may be deadly. They also use technology to a great extent. They use gunpowder mainly and build machines equipped with melee weapons. They also do not use any cavalry but believe that their machines are enough. Similarly to the dwarfs they do not build walls but use explosives.

    Very soon, from the planet Demonstratus invaded the Drakathus. Taking advantage of the current situation the wreaked havoc here and there. Chaos spread everywhere. The rivers were now red with blood. People didn't know what to do. They just scattered here and there. The evil lords and chieftains now thought of their lives and allied with the Drakathus. The Drakathus thought that this was very advantageous to them. They decided to make this scarred, barren wasteland to the base of ther operations.

    The demons didn't know that War, the Prince of the Chosen Angels and Fallen Demons was there. He rescued as many good people as he could and took them to another world. He urged them to start afresh here and he sealed the gateway to this planet. While in Hevell, he planned to invade Earth. His army couldn't go there because according to the Angons or Demels the army couldn't go in the Mortal world. Therefore, he selected a group of individuals with a main quality of stealth to try and plan the invasion of Earth.
    He chose 2 Humans, 2 Orcs, 2 Dead, 1 Elf, 1 Troll, 2 Dwarfs and 2 Goblins.

    Slots Open:

    Destiny of Earth's Angons and Demels(Rules):
    Character Sheet:

    Important posts will be made in Dark Green
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    The NetherWorld
    Game open.
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    On a plane filled with Motherf**king Snakes.
    sorry, wrong forum
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    Phoenix, Arizona
    Not too sure if I get it, but here goes...

    Name: Kafei
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Height: 3' 5"
    Weight: 100lbs
    Appearance: He looks pretty scrawny, but heavy as a rock. He's got scraggly, dark-grey hair and his eyes are completely black. Kafei wears a wooden mask, carved and painted like a porcelain doll. His skin is a bluish-grey kinda color, and he wears brown leather boots and a deep purple cloak that's way too big for him. He's a goblin, but it's kind of hard to tell.
    Behaviour: It's hard to tell what he's thinking because his face is always hidden, but he's definately a curious little thing. Kafei likes things that feel soft and smooth, like metal and cloth and polished wood. He mostly communicates using small squeaks and grunts, but sometimes uses hand gestures or draws in the dirt to get his point across.
    Background: Not much is known about Kafei, except that he lives under a makeshift little bridge over a small creek. Whenever someone crosses his bridge, Kafei begs for something. If the traveller resists, or is just downright rude, Kafei blows the bridge. 'cause, hey, he's a goblin, that's what they do. He's been having to blow it up and rebuild it a lot more lately - the nerve of some people...
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    This will be my first RPG so I'm sorry if I misunderstand a few things :)

    Name: Ania
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elven
    Height: 5' 9" if you want tall elves, 4' 9" if you want shorter ones
    Weight: 55 Kilos
    Appearance: She looks slim, but is very strong. She's got long, slightly waving black hair that changes colour with her mood. Her eyes are the colour of the sun. She wears a long, green dress with a white sash around her waist. A diamond is set into its clasp. She also wears a black cape that covers her from head to foot when she wears the hood.
    Behaviour: She's very quiet and independent, but also very intuitive. She takes no nonsense, but is known to smile on the odd occasion.
    Background: Her family has lived in a castle in the middle of a deep wood for generations. She lives here, on her own. The death and absence of her family has built her strong will and independent nature.
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    Weight 80 lbs
    appearence strong, lots of abs like a 79 pack. long wavy blonde hair, carries a blowtorch and looks a lot like He Man!!!! His eyes are bright blue, as blue as a Narwhal, which, is his trusted steed, Sacajewia, the Narwhal. His thighs are well chiseled and defined. He wears a toga but it often falls off his giant 79 pack abs. He wears olive branches in his hair, too.
    BehaviourHis favorite word is lemon and his favorite thing to do is party. and work out. and dance, he was once a skilled dance dance revolutionist and won the mayflower contest. Columbus is very outgoing and shy!
    Background He was born in Spain in May 1492 years ago. His parents names are Nina and Pinta and his sister is Santa Maria, the great saint of Ishmael.. In 1492, as he sailed the ocean blue, he met his greatest friend, Sacajewia the narwhal. they soon fell in love and have little halfhuman/halfnarwhal freaks for children. Their names are Bono, Lennon, Monroe, Timberlake, Manson, Jonas, Montana, Parton, Hepburn, the twins Brooks and Dunn, Stallone, and the handicapped/crippled Pitt. He got lost in the ocean for 8 million years. and now he lives here. on earth. yay. oh yyyyaaaa.
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    Inside My Head.
    Name: Maura
    Gender: Female
    Race: Goblin
    Height: 2' 5"
    Weight: 70 lb
    Appearance: skin color pale. eyes yellow. long black hair in a braid down back. small/ short. long finger and toe nails. point ears and nose. perfect shape lips with sharp teeth.
    Behaviour:Very quite, but very fiesty. She is strong, she attempt to hide her strength. she calls everyone and thing her precious. very intellegent. very different, doesnt hurt unless pervoked to.
    4th child of Zara and Kusto. grew up underneath a tree. spent most her life training her mental and physical skills. after her parents died she grew up with her sisters until they all parted. spent most her life alone and waiting, she travels alone underground, searching for a bridge, searching for others of her kind.
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    Name:known only as "H"
    height:5' 7"

    appearance: H is very feminine looking, with long eyelashes and slender eyebrows. A tiny mouth and very smooth, pale skin. His voice is even lighter than most men. But there's a hardness in his eyes, as if for some inexplicable reason, he knows you intimately before you've ever talked. He wears a brown pacha with 7 slots filled with serrated blades. Underneath he wears a black tunic and pendant with his father's royal insignia on it. Soft leather boots for stealth, and black pantalones.

    Behaviour: H knows the value of silence. He asks a lot of questions, but rarely talks in the same proportion. Still, when he does, he often talks in riddles, of beauty and the god's in heaven, and what makes a man's life worth living. He has a definite feminine, almost wistful quality about him that makes him the type of person people look up to and ask advice from. Often, he is found atractive to both women and men. But alas, he is, sadly, not gay.

    Background: H was born the youngest son of a celebrated and noble lord. Much noted for his feminine face, the women of the estate thought it the cutest thing to encourage his femininity. As he grew older, however, he sought more time with his father, and thus learned to hunt, as well as the martial arts. He was to be married to his cousin, who he actually was quite infatuated with. This was before the great wars had begun. In fact, "H" was 19 when his family was murdered in their own estate by elven assasins. (His father's estate lay on the border of the human/elven realms) This happened while H was on his honeymoon at another castle by the coast.

    He swore vengance on the Elven lands, but much to his surprise, was outed by his ministers, who took the power of lordship upon themselves. Ruined and humiliated, he left his estate and wife to travel deep into the elven lands. It is there that mention of him(his real name) dissappeared from the history books, with most assuming him dead in the wars. A tragic end to his families line. It is not known what happened to him during the twelve years in those lands, but when he re-emerged, the pupils in his eyes were no longer round, but cut into a horizontal pupil and a vertical pupil, both the same shape as a cat's. H is cursed by the elven gods, and there's something about his sight that let's him see past any illusion or sleight of hand. He can see through any deception, say most people. And in any fight, (he has partaken much in the wars) He seems to have an uncanny...efficiency in the way he kills. The unwise have even called his efficiency at dealing death "a god given gift." Yet only he knows the terrible pain and anguish that...makes him wish for death. To him, it is as if he is always on fire, his skin never being burned off, but rather percieving the excruciating pain at all times, concious, and unconcious, till the end of his unnaturally extended life.

    OOC: I'm really sorry this is so long! baka. >_< I just really got into creating "H". hehe, sorry, baka.
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