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    Different Perspectives

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by maze, Mar 13, 2013.

    In the past, I have been told to write in the perspective of someone wildly different from myself as a way to practice writing in a realistic manner. I figured it would be interesting to put it here to see what everyone comes up with (this is my first major post, so hopefully I put it in the right place).

    So essentially, the task is to write a short dialogue between two characters that are completely different from you.

    Prompt 1: Someone much older than you speaking with someone in a public profession (that you have never worked in).
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    -"I could never do what you do, and I've done everything."

    -"HA! It's not that difficult, I just get out there and lay it all on the line, hope for the best."

    -"How long have you been doing this? Seems like a long time, no?"

    -"I've always loved baseball, so I decided to become an agent! It was really as simple as that; well, after I went to law school, but I'm here now! There isn't anything I'd rather do than this."

    -"I commend you, young sir! I wish you the best and good luck with whatever may come."

    -"Hey, thanks a lot old timer, no offense!"
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    He was out of breath, the poor bugger. Everytime a grenade went off well out of range, it looked like he expected to die. Useless. War was no place for a chicken shit like him. He was going to get someone killed. Most probably me.

    "You. Go cover the right flank before I go over there and thump you. Good for nothing." The last part I mumbled.

    "Y-yeah. Okay."

    The stupid fool was safer over there anyway.


    I kinda glossed over the "public profession" part.. oh well, there it is anyway.

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