Difficulty converting imagination into written story

Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Kevin7777777, Aug 9, 2014.

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    This is terribly relatable. While I don't try to claim my imagination is anything beyond merely average, regardless of how unexceptional it is it still outweighs my ability to put my ideas to paper by an almost disgusting degree.

    If there's any helpful, albeit generic, advice I could give to you for this issue its just to practice. If you've the same issue I do, you'll likely hate all your work equally, but if you learn to look at it objectively, you'll see very clear, very nice improvements over time and it'll help pick you up to see how far you've come.
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    I used to have the same problem. But not anymore .. . few tricks that have worked quite well for me are, -
    1) I face this problem whenever I write in hurry. So I slowed down. Slowing down helped me to portray my imagination in written words.
    2) I write a story and let it "Age" for few days .. or maybe weeks. Then I go through it and make changes. Then I put it down and let it age again. After few cycles, it becomes the exact replica of my imagination. You have to invest time, if you want it to be perfect.
    3) Of course, always TRY to bring your written words nearer to your imagination .. . . after all, practice makes a man perfect.

    Cheers!! :agreed:
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    It may help to purchase a voice recorder and speak out your imagination before you atttempt to write it. Sometimes your voice is more adept than your hands when it comes to describing what is in your mind.
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    Check out the blog "Story Fix" by Larry Brooks. He breaks down how to arrange your story into a functional structure that has the right pacing and organization, which I think is the biggest issue people seem to face when it comes to turning the ideas into the tangible work.

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