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    Do you all think that applying to this contest could risk chances of publication?

    Discussion in 'Writing Contests' started by JCKey618, Feb 27, 2009.

    Here's the site: <link removed>

    I've been applying to a lot of fellowships, but this is the only one that says the winner gets their works published in a magazine. I have been using excerpts from the second draft of my novel to apply to these fellowships and this particular contest says that it accepts novel excerpts as well. My question is, if I do, by chance, win and my novel excerpt is published in this magazine, will it negatively affect the process of trying to get my book published (which I plan to undertake in the near future) by a major publisher?
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    Any prior posting or publication of a story can hurt your chances of publishing it through a publisher. Most publishers only will only consider a piece from an unknown writer if they can secure first publication rights. If the piece has already been published you cannot give them first publication rights. Posting on the web is considered publication in this context.
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    and you also need to check out the contest's fine print very carefully, to make sure they don't own some rights to your work once it's entered, or if it wins...

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