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    Dog Days

    Discussion in 'Role Play' started by Kaitou Wolf, Oct 29, 2014.

    In a fictional town in Florida, life always goes on. People live, die, attend schools, get in trouble, have a few laughs, etc. Your character lives in this town. What is their life? Their jobs? Their dreams and wishes?
    This is a slice of life role play where you take command of a character. The main focus is the town and the college. Be sure to create an experience and use realistic issues.
    No godmodding
    Nothing supernatural or sci-fi related
    Do not go over the PG-13 rating in actions. Characters can smoke, swear, and be violent all they want, but no sex scenes.
    Be realistic. This is a drama. Explore realistic issues.
    Don't be a mary sue
    Don't be a dick!
    Have fun!

    Character sheets are pretty straightforward. PM me your character sheets for approval before posting on here.
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    The Windy City
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    Right under your nose!
    Eli Grady and His Buddy Jesse

    “Ya know Jesse.” Grady said his eyes bright as he took in the open road highway road in front of him, Grady paying no mind to the other cars who zoomed past on the long stretch. “I been thinking.” He said. “Are we stereotypes?”

    Jesse snorted his eyes focused on the video camera in his hand. “What the hell ya mean by that?” He asked “Well.” Grady said. “I was on the web yesterday on one of them um…..what’s it called? Ya know one of them new agey typed liberal sites.”

    “And?” Jesse asked raising an eyebrow.

    “They were talkin bout stereotypes and what not.” Eli nodded. “Like all Asians are good at math or black people love em some fried chicken and watermelon.”

    “Yeah I ain’t never got that one.” Jesse cut in.


    “Who the hell doesn’t love fried chicken and watermelon?” Jesse replied his tone serious. “Good question.” Grady sighed. “Anyway this guy this guy on that site starts talking about southern stereotypes, right? Says people similar me fit the bill for stereotyped.”

    Grady snorted. “Said folks like us might clash a bit with some other areas of the world.”

    “Well we got a long fine in Scotland.” Jesse said. “Member the Loch Ness monster hunt.”

    “Sure do.” He said. “But I like flannel, cowboy boots and we both talking in these accents.”

    “I see your point and I do love filmin ya.” Jesse responded. “Plus you drive a pickup truck and we do love going shootin.”

    “Damn.” Grady’s hand tightened around the steering wheel as he exited the highway getting on road to their main Florida destination. "I don't like being all analyzed and judged off right away just because of who I am."

    “Damn.” Grady’s hand tightened around the steering wheel as he exited the highway getting on road to their main Florida destination. "Eh." Jesse pulled his trucker cap over his eyes. "Don't go stressin' it too much or nothing.” He continued. “I mean look at me I look like a backwoods eat people and raping hillbilly”

    “True.” Grady nodded. “But it sure is a rude thing to go and judge folk for being themselves."

    "Well some people are just be hatin ya know." Jesse said. "I mean you're freaking Eli Grady the baddest boy down South since Billy the Kid."

    "Damn right and I-" Grady paused his cocking to the side. "Wait Billy the Kid operated in the west you nit wit!"

    "Fuckin west, south, north or fuckin east....same different all connected to the damn same Earth." Jesse snorted. "Besides it was the southwest so that's enough south ain't it?"

    Grady shrugged. "You think we really gonna clash in Florida?"

    "We gonna make some noise and do some filmin that's all I know." Jesse yawned. "Besides better then hanging back down home after the stunt you pulled. So might as well lay low for a bit."

    "Maybe we can find the Skunk Ape!" Grady said smiling showing his white teeth. "Think it exists? Its supposed to smell like shit more then Bigfoot."

    "Damn gotta get me some film of that." Jesse said. "Yep." Grady said. "But first we gotta find a place to crash for a bit and what not. Ever think about doing some relaxin by a college campus or somethin lots of beautiful ladies around there."

    "That's what I love about college girls, I keep getting older and they stay the same." Jesse smirked.

    "Damn." Grady said. "Nice reference."

    "If college is anything like Dazed and Confused." Jesse said. "I'm happy to hang around campus or by some frats or whatever it is college people do."

    "They were in high school." Grady said.


    "In Dazed and Confused they were in high school not college." He pointed out. "Would you stop correcting me dammit." Jesse sighed. "Fuckin' high school, middle school or college all the same damn thing just drive."

    Grady let out a long chuckle and continued to drive on.
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    The Windy City
    Tommy Deleone slammed the door of his car, then stalked up the big white steps of his family house.

    "Mom!" he shouted. "Mom where the hell is Vito?!"

    No one responded.

    Where the hell is anyone? he wondered after a moment.

    Then he heard footsteps behind him.

    "Tommy!" a man's voice sounded, and Tommy wheeled around to see his older brother, Vito. He was a tall man, with slicked back black hair and an expensive suit, no tie, and a dress shirt open a few buttons. He wore a shoulder rig, barely concealed.

    "What are you doing here Tommy?"

    Two other big guys stepped out from around a corner, both with sidearms. Tommy recognized them as his brothers muscle, Beaucannon and Richards.

    "Something going down?"

    "'Maybe... I thought mom woulda told you to stay away today..."

    "Mom was tripping balls this morning."

    "Figures." Vito snarled. "You need to get out of here."

    "Well I wanna talk to you."

    Vito checked his watch.

    "You got 3 minutes starting... Now."

    "You got a guy on the campus. I want him gone. People know who I am, and think he's there because of me." Tommy snapped.

    Vito nodded his head slowly.

    "The campus is supposed to be off limits, I'll take care of it. Now get out of here. Also, you might wanna stay at the beach house the next couple days, maintain deniability us know?" Vito said.

    "Yeah yeah, I know the drill." Tommy said. "I'll be expecting that guy gone."

    "He'll be gone."

    And with that, Tommy walled out of the house and got into his white porshe cayman, then burned rubber down the street. He saw a big black Lincoln pull up to the house just as he left.
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    Kylee Meyers

    "Come on quit struggling -you'll hurt yourself again... No, I'm not going to let you go just yet. You want to be that cat's next meal?" Kylee eyed the mouse she had clapped between her gloves. Poor thing had been startled by a lawn mower and had darted out from the grass into the street. Lucky she had nabbed him before a car could turn him into a little grey and red smudge.

    The tiny creature stared at her with beady eyes and instead tried to slip between her fingers again. She sighed and pinched two fingers to pick him up by the scruff. The mouse squeaked in protest and it's tiny white teeth sank harmlessly into thick leather. Well, so long as he did that he didn't struggle as much.

    Finally they rounded a corner and Kylee found a safe spot to set him down. Her backpack clanked against the back of her head as she knelt, and as soon as she let go the mouse darted away into the garden, his gait almost like a hop-spring. Kylee watched the spot where the tiny creature had vanished for a moment, then stood up again and headed for her dorm. Class would start tomorrow and she wanted to finish that drawing she'd been working on the past week.

    Hmm... Did I adjust his antennae? She reached back and fumbled with the mass of papers that poked out of her bag and found the one she wanted. Unfolding the sheet, she revealed a yet rough sketch of a creature that looked like some kind of skeletal deer with six spikes protruding from it's hind quarters. Hollow, dead orbs stared off to the left, as if it was watching something, and for a moment she lost herself in a world where the sky was grey, the trees and earth were black as pitch, and the creature she'd drawn walked beside her, it's eyes glowing an unnatural yellow.

    Then the breeze picked up and the drawing slipped from her fingers.

    "Oh shoot! No no no no no come back!" she yelled and ran after it. The paper slipped and slid between her fingers, dancing away on the wind just before she could catch it. Her feet pounded against the pavement and she dodged to one side around a man who was passing her by, paying no heed to his annoyed glance. She could always draw a new one, people would say, but there was something about an unfinished drawing that always drove her crazy -and she could not allow something incomplete to wander about aimlessly.

    When the breeze slowed and the paper stalled for a moment, she leapt. But her foot caught on the pavement and though she just managed to snag the paper, she crashed down hard.

    Gritting her teeth in pain, Kylee rolled over to rub at her bruised ribcage and to check that her backpack hadn't lost any more of its contents. Her father had always said she would lose her head if it wasn't screwed on, and she couldn't help but believe him.

    Then she blinked and looked up. Why was the ground black?

    The sight of a white porche racing toward her answered that question.

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    *ignore this*
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    The sea of fragments
    The Cavalry of Love

    A mixture of sounds
    A creation, the revelation of art
    Earth trembles with the the power of the speakers.
    Hearts awaken by the excitement of the music.

    On this big college the sound wasn’t strong enough to cover it whole, but it certainly pierced through the buildings that were close by.

    A band was ferociously playing their music and a small crowd was enjoying it. The genre was hard rock, yet this didn’t meant all the crowd was composed by a bunch of rebel looking boys with curly hairs banging their heads, no, it was a mixture of all kind of people who were just enjoying a peaceful and fun moment. It was a sound that joined hearts within a single experience.

    “And that’s for our small tribute to the Rolling Stones!! Now we’ll play some of our own songs, get ready to rock hard with the Dead Poets!!!” Exclaimed the vocalist, a tall man dressed with a black leather jacket over a naked torso and flaunting a long curly black hair.

    The band, called The Dead Poets, had just played Jumpin’ Jack Flash, and while their performance was pretty good, the voice of the lead singer and guitarist had little to no resemblance to Mick Jagger’s, which made the song sound a little awkward.

    All right now, this is the hard part… Thought the tall man while focusing on his guitar and reading his voice. Behind him the drummer and bassist readied equal nervous.

    This wasn’t the first time they played their own songs. However it bothered them deeply that their tributes were more listened than their own songs. They were just a college’s band and no more so far, so they just played randomly in bars, charity or the campus when allowed to, they played dreaming with a future of rock, however so far their own creations couldn’t match the classics. This was the moment when around a quarter of the crowd abandoned the place and this angered them. And it was harder on this era when Rock music had been replaced by bad electronics and cheap pop artists thus diminishing the number of people they could embrace within their music even more.

    I wonder… if they’re there….. Thought Leighton, the lead singer, self proclaimed as Leigh Bricks on stage, yet people preferred to shorten it at Lebry.

    He looked through the crowd, hoping to visualize certain two individuals but had no luck on it, he still hoped though that he may had just missed them on sight.

    It wasn’t weird for a college to have an acceptable numbers of “college bands”, yet besides the Dead Poets there was only another who was as prominent, their rivals, The Cursed Dragons. They referred as them to their rivals, yet truly Leighton had a great respect for the two guys and wishes to meet them someday, shake hands, have some beers and perhaps even play together, the idea of rivals sounded nice, but he preferred the idea of friends, and the best way was to catch their attention with his own music.

    Enough, let’s focus…

    “Ready to rock? I present youuuuuuu!!!! The Cavalry of Love!!!!” Exclaimed and then the harmonious, loud and beautiful mixture of sounds flowed through the speakers into the hearts of their few followers
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    I woke up on my bed in my small dorm room. I sat up and looked around groggily. Leon was still sound asleep in his bed, we had forgotten to turn the Playstation off before going to bed. Not the first time, and certainly not the last time that we've done it. I shut it off using my controller and got up stretching taking a look around the dorm room in silence.

    It consisted of two twin sized beds, a bookshelf in the center between them which was filled to the brim with mystery novels, a few fantasy, and numerous books on infamous unsolved murders, and law books, needless to say, it was packed together pretty tightly. On the opposite side against the walls were our night stands. On top of each were a lamp, an alarm clock, our respective laptops, and whatever book we were in the middle of reading. At the foot of our beds were trunks with our clothing. Finally, on the opposite end of the room was our flat screen TV that we took from home and mounted on the wall, underneath, a simple TV stand with our game systems on top, inside the cabinets, a collection of videogames that we had collected over the years, along with our portable gaming consoles.

    I went down to my trunk, knelt down in front of it, undid the clasps and looked inside at my clothes and debated whether or not to wait for Leon to wake up. We both had similar clothing and tended to coordinate our clothing so then it'd be even more difficult to tell us apart than it already is. I shrugged and grabbed a black and white horizontal striped long sleeve shirt, black skinny jeans, a pair of underwear, and a pair of white socks and walked out of the room.

    The dorm consisted of two bedrooms, a living area/kitchen, and a bathroom, but of course, the other bedroom we used as an office, we had always liked sharing a bedroom. The living area merely consisted of a small couch, TV, and coffee table. We didn't entertain guests much, so we kept the large TV in our room. The kitchen had a stove, blender, toaster, and

    I walked into the bathroom and lied my clothing down on the counter and undressed. I got into the shower, washed up quickly, got out, dried myself off, and got dressed. I then went to the sink, pulled out my toiletries and proceeded to brush my teeth, floss, use mouthwash, deodorant, and finally brush my hair, parting it to the left today.

    I walked back into the bedroom, Leon's alarm had gone off and he had woken up. He looked at me. "Mm... so that's what we're wearing today?" He asked, he shrugged. "Alrighty then." He said smiling. He grabbed practically the same outfit, except the stripes were using the opposite color pattern to mine. He then went into the bathroom and did his normal morning ritual while I lied back in bed and read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Once he was done, we grabbed our identical messenger bags, black leather with silver clasps, and headed out the door.
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    The blond haired young man ran around the track, his sneakered feet slamming against the rubber, the heat beating down on him, causing him to sweat. On the back of his mind, the thought of bills and school buzzed into the back of his head.
    Things used to be simpler a few years ago, he thought. Back then, I thought I could take on the world. I guess I still do, actually. He grinned, and started running faster, slightly bent over, arms pumping.
    I can do anything!
    He crossed the finish line, and the coach clicked the stopwatch.
    "Good going," the coach said, tossing him a towel. "You should try to use that speed on the basketball court."
    "Come on, coach," Tam said, wiping off the sweat. "You know basketball isn't my game."
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    My Old Kentucky Home
    Bryn Michaels

    "YEAH! I GOT IT!"

    Bryn's smile was brighter than her computer screen as she stared at the photo in front of her. Two silhouettes were leaning in for a kiss under an enormous sunset, the ocean glistening in the distance. It was perfect, romantic. Exactly what she'd envisioned. Bryn clicked the computer mouse to bump up the contrast a tad. She'd been up since dawn to edit a few shoots before she left for class and quickly returned to continue afterwards. Seeing a new photo sent a renewed excitement through her, a high of sorts. Photography was her drug.

    Unlike the girl on the bed across from her that was just stirring from her unconscious state.

    "Shut up Bee, you're too loud!"

    Bryn glanced over her laptop to meet the groggy expression of her roommate; last night's make-up still smeared across her face. Actually, it looked better now than it did before.

    "Sorry, sleeping beauty." But, it's your stupid fault. Bryn bit back the words. Well, it was true. Gabrielle made her own choices, she wasn't to blame for her bum life. It would take a miracle for the girl to pass this semester. Or, the miracle of dollar signs perhaps. Though, that fact still remained questionable.

    Bryn sighed. Best not to get involved.

    "I'm going to take a break and grab some coffee, want to come?" Please don't.

    "What I want is for you to stop talking." Gabrielle snapped.

    "Fine with me." Bryn shut her laptop and rose from her seat, slinging her messenger bag over her shoulder. As always, her camera was nestled snugly inside its home.

    Once outdoors, the Florida sunshine hit her cheeks and she primped her scarf, starting the long trek to the Starbucks on campus. These walks she enjoyed the most, witnessing the productivity of college life. If only Gabrielle could understand that college wasn't all about what happened after midnight.

    Bryn slid her glasses further on her nose as she took step after step, her thoughts wandering with her confident stride. As she approached the college courtyard, the ground around her began to vibrate beneath her feet.

    Oh no.....no......no......no......

    Bryn slowed her pace, her heart thumping in rhythm to the blaring music. Rock, obviously. Which band it was this time she couldn't tell, all sounded the same anyway. She could hardly decipher the lyrics behind the screaming. How their vocal chords could withstand all that, she'd never know.

    But one thing she did know, Starbucks was worth the agony of passing through the crowd. She estimated less than a hundred. Yeah, she could do it. Bryn took a deep breath and on the count of three, she took off.

    "Excuse me...sorry, move please!" Bryn attempted to yell over the music as she shoved in between several head banging maniacs. "I SAID MOVE PLEASE! COME ON!" She cried out again. "MOVE!" But it was useless, she'd have to try another technique. Reaching down to her side, she fumbled with the zipper of her bag and pulled out her weapon.

    By instinct, Bryn thumbed back the on switch, took aim at her victims, and fired. A blinding white flash erupted, followed by her muffled laughter at the surprised faces that appeared on her camera screen.

    "Just taking a few shots! For the website!" She yelled, this time her voice heard.
    She held up her camera and motioned for them to move closer. They did of course, even posed. And as she predicted, the continuous flash caught the attention of more curious bystanders. She'd gotten an entire group shot. Some students had literally leapt into the photo, the blur of motion evident. Perfect.

    Bryn flicked a couple of her business cards their way as she turned to exit, making sure to toss a triumphant, smug smile at the band front and center.

    The power of a photographer. Oh yeah.
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    Leon and I were walking through the college courtyard. Some band was playing, we didn't care all that much and made our way through the crowd. Though we noticed a flash behind us, we turned around and saw that some girl was taking pictures of random students attending the band's performance. We looked at each other smirking mischievously and nodded, both clearly having the same idea. We quickly made our way through the crowd and forced our way through the students awaiting to get into the picture. Just before she had taken her last picture, we got right up in front of her, cutting most of the students behind us out of the picture.

    We had wrapped one arm around each other. We had matching mischievous grins and were pointing toward the camera, managing to do it just before the camera went off. "I think that was a good one, what do you think, brother?" Leon asked me smiling, I smiled back at him. "Oh I'm sure that it came out splendidly, after all, I don't think we've ever taken a bad picture." I said chuckling, we turned to Bryn. "Do please show us the final product~" We said in unison, Leon pulled out a business card and slipped it into her open messenger bag. "Later!" We said and walked off, ignoring the many dirty looks that we received as we walked past the group of students who had been hoping to get their picture taken, only returning pleasant smiles.

    The card said 'Joseph Knox, Detective' and went on to list how to get into contact with me, my cell phone number and email address, and had our dorm number written on the back with a pen.
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    The Windy City
    Tommy was so pissed he almost didn't see the girl that ran out in the street.

    Almost. At the last possible second, he slammed in the breaks and spun the wheel, going up on a curb and scraping the bottom of his car on the concrete. He swore and then flung open the door. First he made sure the girl was okay, then he got mad.

    "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

    Kylee blinked several times, then finally came out of the stupor she'd been in. She hadn't seen her life play before her eyes -rather she'd just watched the car narrowly miss turing her into roadkill and couldn't quite process how she was still breathing. "S-sorry! I didn't look where I was going and -annn..." Kylee shrank back from the guy with wide eyes when his expression registered. Clutching the thin sheet of paper to her chest, she managed to get up, but not without at first nearly tripping over her own two feet again. Stupid. She was stupid. Kylee looked down at her toes, heat creeping up her face in embarrassment. Her father would definitely not be surprised by what had just happened. Nearly lost her head for good that time.

    Kylee looked up and her legs locked. She couldn't exactly run -he'd gotten in an accident because of her. But he'd laugh at her if he found out she'd chased a silly drawing and nearly killed herself for it. So she stared at him, unsure what to do.

    Tommy blinked at her a few times, wondering what the hell was going on in her head.

    "You, okay there?" he asked after a moment. He wasn't sure what to do. He considered yelling some more, but that reminded him to much of his dad, and he didn't want to be that much of an asshole. And maybe the girl was some kind of retard or something, last thing he wanted was to get caught out in the street screaming at a retard.

    A faint smile came to her face. "Yeah, I'm fine. Though I may not be worth much in the mental department for what I just did..." Kylee muttered, then blinked and quickly ran to get out of the street. When she came up close and saw his car she winced. "Sorry again... I was chasing this and wasn't paying attention." she said, straightening out the paper a bit. The creature stared at her with it's blank eyes, almost harmless if not for this incident.

    She looked back at the car again. "Umm... we're supposed to exchange insurance or something right? I've never... erm... caused an accident before."

    "I think that's only if you're in a car..." Tommy really didn't have any idea. But his car was fine, just a couple scrapes on the fender. "Look, sorry I almost killed you. But didn't anyone ever tell you to look before running out in to the street, I mean, c'mon..."

    Kylee rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment. "Heh, of course. It's just a matter of whether I'm paying attention to my surroundings or not. Which I wasn't. And all for a stupid drawing of this... thing. I haven't really even figured out what it is yet." she said, glancing at the drawing again. "My parents decided i should go to college to try and make my abilities a 'bit more marketable' as you might say it. Can't say i disagree with 'em. It's the only thing I consider myself good at."

    With that she reached one hand back and pulled out a roll of paper much larger than the sketch of the creature, and when she unfolded a corner it revealed vibrant colors and twisting lines. Ultimately, it depicted two creatures, horns locked in battle. Their bodies were similar to griffins, with eagle forelegs, but one creature had lion's hind legs while the other had those of a goat's. One wore a white mask, and the other a black mask -expressionless but for two small eye holes. The trees and plants around them depicted a shriveled wasteland, as well as a lush jungle on either side of their struggle. It was an eerie drawing, yet held some semblance to reality in it's simple meaning. Life, and death. That one would fight to cling to life, lest they be stolen away by the other.

    Tommy looked at the drawing for a minute. "Damn, not bad..." he said. "Hey look, you need a ride someplace or something? I feel bad just leaving ya hear after I almost killed ya."

    It wasn't necessarily in his nature to be 'nice' to people, but the girl seemed like she was not altogether living in the same world as him, but she was cute and he had almost killed her. He figured he should try and make it up somehow.

    "Um, you don't have to. I kind deserved it after what i just did." she replied, rolling up the paper and stowing it away safely where it wouldn't cause her trouble like the last one. "I was just heading to the university."

    "Me too... Hop in," he said, then pulled the passenger door open on his car.
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    "Hey sexy. Need help with that?"

    Roxy pulled her head out from under the hood of her slick black Ford Thunderbird, and gave the new grease ball a smirk,"Do I look like I need fucking help."

    The boy kept his awkward smile as he responded,"Sheesh..Just trying to be kind."

    Roxy took a step back, her white wife beater covered in soot, her white hair falling down her back in a long ponytail. She pulled off her aviators and responded in clip sharp tones,"On the surface, you might actually be believable, but underneath I sense some ulterior motives. Like perhaps your thinking if I flirt with the dame and give her some car tips, she'll think I'm funny then one day we can get into bed together and fuck like monkeys. Close enough?"

    He frowned, "No..I..."

    Roxy held up her hand and pulled out a pack of smokes. She pulled out a cig and placed it in her thick red lips and continued,"I'm gonna be honest with you Sparky, because you are kind of adorable in that everyday rugged college guy kind of way. I will never fuck you. I know this car more intimately then I know my own body, and no man is ever needed for me to take care of it. Not only do I feel insulted and sexually objectified, I am in a great mind to tell you to take your response shove it up your ass, and move on to another girl who will deal with that ignorant bullshit. Now get out of my face and enjoy the rest of your day."

    She popped out a lighter, lit the cigarette and turned back to her job at hand. She pulled out the screwdriver and went to work, her ripped jeans rubbing against the front end as she played with the engine and pistons. She zoned out the rest of the world, and began to focus on her notes for a Genetics test that would begin in about half an hour. She knew she came to the school early, but seeming as she didn't have enough money for the garage and her apartment only had street parking, she figured the lot outside of the university would be a perfect place to cool off, and re-analyze the inner-workings of "Rex."

    She lowered the aviators back over her eyes and smiled, thinking mildly to herself, I knew this new Fuel Diagnostic Valve would be perfect! Thankyou Eddy!"
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