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    Donate a Story

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Charisma, Jul 30, 2014.

    Hey everyone! So, I just came up with an idea. Let's see if you like it!

    So, I don't know about you but I have many short stories and novels that I started, either lost muse for or do not have the time to complete. But I'd like them to be stories someday, even if I can't write them myself. I guess it's not exactly a good thing for a writer to give up on a story, but then, let's be open-minded. So, what if we could donate our stories to people? Not like, "hey, here's a 40k word novel. Finish the rest and give me credit" or "haha I took your story it's all mine sucker"; more like, I give you what I have on a concept, and then you do what you want with it. Who knows, you make something of it which I really don't have the motivation or time to. You could reciprocate by giving me a story of yours too, but that's totally up to each one of you.

    It's not too different from a regular prompt, except I think writers can benefit from actual, written stuff on the plot, and not just handing out the plot. In fact, you may leave the plot open to interpretation and just post what you have on it over here (an excerpt is what I mean).

    To give this some momentum I'll donate a story of mine first. Whoever takes it, please do post here, and if possible, share the story with us or donate a story of your own!

    PS: This is about 2k words, but it's hardly at the climax, so good luck :p Also, I started writing this when I was young so I'm sorry if the English isn't too good.

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