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    Draw the character described, then describe another character

    Discussion in 'Word games' started by rktho, Mar 27, 2017.

    I'll start:

    Acbaradus' brow furrowed, adding to the stormy appearance of his countenance. His graphite beak was deformed as though his upper beak had switched places with his lower one, giving him a fierce underbite, and his chipped frill was angular and sharpened at each point. The grizzled old dragon glared into the distance at the enemy ships in the harbor firing their cannons at the Sharkhead. "Return fire!" he barked, slamming a four-fingered fist on the arm of his seat on the poop deck's crow's nest.

    The crew hastened to take position. "We're down on ammunition!" shouted the munitions drake.

    "Then get the archers on it!" he returned broguishly, flicking his wings. His eyes blazed amber in the sides of his head. "We have to take the port or our resources will be completely exhausted!" He began tapping with a clawed toe in apprehension. He stood from his seat, assuming a raptorlike stance. He pointed south of the enemy flagship. "Meteor Squadron! Take the remaining cannon shells and bombard the mothership bridge!"

    "Aye, Commodore!" said Meteor One. Each flier took a cannonball and flew off to drop them on the enemy ship.

    The arrows flew from the Ganadarians' bows, downing several enemy fliers. Acbaradus withheld a whoop. The fight was far from over. The black spines on his back tensed. Suddenly, a fiery blast shot from the enemy ship, arcing through the air and punching a flaming hole in the prow of the Swordnose. Acbaradus' eyes widened in dismay as the sister ship began to sink into the waves, its crew evacuating into the sky and circling to take refuge on the Skarkhead. The commodore's black scar, looking like a perpendicular stripe across his eye, wrinkled as he furrowed his brow. The stripes along the side of his face rippled across his face like pulsing veins. "Luchar!" he called out to the commander who landed on the deck. "How many drakes?"

    "They wiped out nearly half," Luchar panted, bending over to clutch his ribs, tail in the air. One of his stripes was dripping off his body onto the deck.

    "Get medic for the commander and bind up that wound," Acbaradus ordered. He flapped back up to the crow's nest. He turned to a messenger. "Order the Kraken to retreat. We don't want to lose any more drakes than we have to."

    "Do you have a plan, sir?" asked a private.

    Acbaradus clenched a clawed fist. "Send Otter Squad on a sabotage mission. We have to take out that juggernaut."

    Otter Squad dove into the water and kicked forward, swimming stealthily towards the ship.

    "Quaru protect them," Acbaradus said, shutting his eyes. His brown scales seemed dull in the bleak gray sky.

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