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    Ending: making is seem tragic until the last moment

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by SerenaYasha, Mar 9, 2011.

    My story is about how Zake and Kaira and fated to be star-cross lovers, never to be together no matter what and when they confess their feelings they meet their deaths soon after

    but thanks to background characters a fortune teller, angel of death, ghost of a BFF, a 12 year old witch, and a singer (who they helped out a while back ) all have been trying to fix events so for once the couple could have a happy ending ( the whole reborn thing to only meet the same fate thing)

    they are able to make the impossible chance of the two ending up happy together possible

    I have Zake and Kaira falling (because they killed the last bad guy who had a castle floating in the sky now crumbling) to their death. all the character are watching not able to do anything ( even the back ground characters) the singer is singing on stage a sad/happy song tears sliding down her face ( watching the tragedy on a big screen )

    the fortune teller watching thing because she messed with their lives its her fault the angle of death cut the red string of fate and only the ghost of the BFF is hopefully something will work out for the good

    ( cutting the red string is because the couple was always turning to go against fate unknowingly but not that the string is cut fate is saying they won't end up together)

    everyone thinks it the end but just then the witch comes skateboarding down a hill, the song the singer is singing is a magic spell to remove the curse, the witch sees her want powering it up and turns the crater below the couple falling into gelatin ( couple falls into it) then the gelatin turns into water.

    the couple comes out alive but wet. (the end)

    NOTE: this is a water down version of an ending that has a lot to it and the story. ( no matter what the ending it self is bittersweet but main character have happy ending)

    Is there a way to keep the audience wondering not knowing for sure if it will be a tragedy of a fairy tell ending?

    other adivce?
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    Can you use the death as a sacrifice or something else 'positive'? The death is the tragedy then, yet the result of the 'sacrifice' is a happy ending .... Or maybe it's too cliché? (think Jesus Christ)

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