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    Discussion in 'Research' started by -alex-, Mar 31, 2012.

    Hey all,

    I’m looking into epilepsy. My story has a supernatural/Fantasy element to it (My MC isn’t human), so my MC’s condition isn't going to be epilepsy, just based on it

    From googling, I understand there are many different types of epilepsy, so I was thinking, if I explained what I wanted to happen to her; perhaps somebody who knows/has experiences could give me a type of epilepsy that I could look into?

    Most of the time she would experience scenarios “1)”, but on the odd occasion, she’d experience scenario “2)”.

    1) My MC would start to shake/tremor in her hands, either just one or both. The tremors would soon spread forming the seizure itself.

    During the seizure, she’d shake uncontrollably. She would remain conscious throughout the seizure. She’d know what was happening and where she was etc, and (most of the time) she’d be able to talk (athough perhaps not a lot) when somebody else was present.

    Once the seizure had stopped, she’d feel extremely tired, she’d be able to get up and walk about, but she’d just want to sleep asap.

    2) On the rare occasion, once the seizure hits, she’d pass out. (Could anyone tell me when this happens how long she’d be unconscious for?)

    I'm thinking "1)" is a Partial seizsure? But I'm not sure what "2)" would be.

    Thanks guys!
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    you'd get more valid info and more knowledgeable responses a lot quicker, if you asked this on epilepsy websites, instead of a writing site... go to chat rooms and forums on sites devoted to the disease and you'll get all the info you need, from those who suffer from epilepsy, as well as from those who live with and tend to them...

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