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    Escape From Time Zone 4077

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    Theme: Sci-Fi, Fantasy​


    In the year 3000 the Freedom Rebels came to be when a group of anarchic citizens banded together to overthrown the Time Council. The Time Council was created when time travel (aka 'Traveling') was invented, to monitor time travelers and enforce the Laws of Time/Space Interference, but the Time Council grew expodentially more influential as the years went by. They became more powerful than the government and used their officers, the Timekeepers, to go back in time and assassinate anyone they suspected of heresy.

    The Freedom Rebels formed as the Time Council were just beginning to gain power. The Council was starting to suppress freedom of expression and speech, going as far as to mandate how the populace can dress and wear their hair. They made everyone into identical clones so it would be easier to tell which Time Zone they were in when they Traveled, or so they said. Many people believed they wanted to obliterate anything that was deemed "undignified" (dancing, singing, red/blue/purple hair dye, etc) to fit their ideals of a futuristic society. "Different" became a bad word and uniformity became the standard. The Freedom Rebels fought back and spread the word of freedom and individuality through cryptic messages disguised as music lyrics and art forms. When the Time Council found out, they sent Timekeepers to the lair of the Rebels to wipe them out with their advanced government-issued weapons.

    For the leaders of the Revolution, they fashioned a special prison: they froze them and put them on display in the Living Museum. Students go there everyday on field trips to see the heathens that dared to fight against the Council. No one has opposed them ever since...

    Present Day, Time Zone 4077:

    More than a thousand years later, you are a student at Tech Academy getting taken on a field trip to the Living Museum, where the Freedom Rebel leaders are kept. This is the only world you know, the bland technological world of sameness and conformity.

    But there is a gathering storm coming.

    The Time Council's reign of terror is ticking out.

    Will YOU be a part of the New Revolution?


    Is it salty rumors or sugary truth? There are whispers among the kids of Tech Academy that back in the day, when the Freedom Rebels were at large, humans were beginning to develop extrasensory abilities, or 'Voyance'. Those people were called voyants and they had strange and wondrous gifts; some people say that many of the Freedom Rebels were voyants. Could it be that the Time Council created a society of clones because all the freedom of expression and art was allowing people to evolve and gain Voyance? Did they rob the human race of the next evolutionary stage so they could stay in power?

    But no, it couldn't be. It was too far-fetched -- and how would a bunch of kids find that out anyway?

    It was obviously a lie... Right?


    The standard civilian uniform mandated by the Time Council is:

    - a body-fitting jumpsuit (colors of silver or black)

    - work boots

    The uniform of the Timekeepers is:

    - sleek black jumpsuits (made of 'smart' fabric*)

    - utility belts

    - thick-soled army boots

    - round spherical helmets with reflective visors and built-in communication device

    *smart fabric has many useful qualities, including built-in temperature control, it's laser, bullet and missile proof and it can vibrate to high speeds so that the wearer turns virtually invisible

    Character Templates: (Post to discussion thread for approval from the GM.)


    Rules of the Game:

    Play fair. (No God-moding.)

    All posts must be at least a paragraph long.

    Do not control other players.

    Be creative, have fun!
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    It was a day like any other -- except it wasn't. Tech Academy students were all buzzing about the rumors of Voyance and superpowers. Most of all, everyone wanted to know who started the rumors? And for what purpose?

    Ms White told her class to hush as they boarded the gleaming silver hover bus and took off for the Living Museum. There were all manner of species frozen in the Living Museum for people to come gawk at (a ten-foot long croc, an entire blue whale, even tiny insects of ever kind), but there was no doubt in anyone's mind that they were going to see the Freedom Rebel leaders. The teachers had been preparing them for weeks, telling them how despicable and uncouth the rebels were, how they wore mulitcolored clothes, dyed and teased and waved their hair in whatever style imaginable, how they staged dance mobs and street performances with hidden messages of freedom and exceptance.

    The over all message was: Why be like the rebels and stand out, when you could be like everyone else? Standing out was a bad thing, they all knew. It meant people made fun of you, that you were not a team player if you didn't dress and act the exact same way as your contemporaries. Not that they had a choice in the matter, anyway, because of the Time Council's strict rules.

    Finally, the hover bus arrived at the Living Museum, a huge pristine white building with a glass dome roof. At the front entrance, eight Timekeepers stood guard, the long black laser rifles on their belts glinting ominously. Up above, a Drone was floating like a balloon in mid-air, a metallic black thing equipped with a rapid-fire laser cannon. It was supposed to make them feel safe, but it's six glowing red eyes were creepy, plain and simple. The Drone was there for a moment and then it vibrated and disapeared, unseen by the naked eye. Who knew how many Drones were up there, watching and waiting to attack?

    "Welcome to the Living Museum," Ms White said as they reached the front doors. They stepped inside and all around them were frozen prehistoric creatures. There were even dogs and cats, which had gone extinct over five hundred years ago. Ms White told them to mill around for a moment before they moved on to the next room.

    A girl that no one could remember being a part of their class stood in their midst. She looked shady, her eyes never stopped moving. Her skin was golden brown and her hair was outlandishly dense and curly, a stormcloud that perched on her head. She wore the same jumpsuit as everyone else, but the front zipper was pulled down a little, showing a neon yellow shirt underneath. She sat on a see-through glass bench under a woolly mammoth frozen in a block of ice, sitting bolt-straight and tapping her foot in a most un-lady-like manner.

    Who was that girl?

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