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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by last_chance_man, Oct 25, 2015.

    Hello to you all!

    New member here, so I firstly wanted to introduce myself, and also wish to ask for some guidance.

    I came to this site as a result of my recent embarking into creative writing. I've been uploading 'chapters' of a story that I am working on (pretty much as they are written), but I am really more looking for some feedback/criticism than to establish a finished product at this early point. Obviously, family members and friends have had a read of what I have 'published' so far, but I am really hoping to gain some outside, non-biased insight into my work. This is what brought me to WF.

    As a member of other forums, however, I am conscious of protocol - so I don't want to create an account one minute and the next, upload endless text in the hopes of getting quick, cheap commentary.

    So my questions are: What can I do, myself, to contribute towards the goals of you, other members; and how would I, in turn, attract the kind of help and support for the writing that I am doing?

    Many thanks for your time,

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    One of the rules here is that you must critique others' work before you're even given the ability to post your own.

    So, critique people! pick me! The development sections are always interesting, too. Plot development, character development, those guys. Dig in, I say!

    Also welcome to the forum. :-D

    edit to add: You can always cheer people on in their progress journals, too.
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    Welcome to the forum. :)

    The basic rules for posting to our Workshop, which is the only area where members are allowed to post their writing for feedback go as follows:
    • You must be registered for 14 days
    • You must make 20 posts forum-wide
    • You must post 2 constructive reviews for each piece of writing you post
    More information can be found here.
    By becoming a supporter you only need to provide two critiques per workshop post so you can skip the 14days/20 posts requirements.

    I would also highly suggest reading through our New Member Quick Start; there's valuable info in a nutshell about the ins and outs of our forum. Our Forum Rules contain more detailed information.

    Now if you want to find a beta-reader for longer excerpts or even an entire manuscript, we have a collaboration sub-forum. It will become available when a member has been registered for 30 days and made 100 posts. In general, being active around the forum, contributing to threads, and socializing helps you to find help and support. :)

    Don't hesitate to ask if something seems unclear. :)

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    El Tembloroso Caribe
    Aha! @KaTrian has dropped the 411 like a Jedi Master. The force is strong with that one, young padawan. Heed her words, I would. Welcome you, I do, to our forum. :agreed:

    Ok, I'm done now. I'll go sit in the corner before someone tells me I need to calm down. :geek::-D
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