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    Everyone's Story

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by SammyDeena, Jun 10, 2013.

    What is it?

    As the title implies, it's indeed everyone's story. I'll start it (or someone, depending on how lazy I'll be) and everyone can then take the story wherever they want it to go. Maybe it begins in a sunny little village in the outskirts of a tyrannical kingdom led by the offspring of a dragon and a mermaid, later jumping inside the SS Andromeda going at warp speed, attempting to outrun the ruthless pursuers sent from planet Squirrel, finally ending in a high-tension duel between sword masters, both fighting for the last piece of wasabi pudding in the refrigerator of Genghis Khan. It's fun, it's quick, and it's fluid. This is our story. EVERYONE'S STORY!

    A few rules before we start, though:

    1) Entries can only be 1000 words at most.
    2) No offensive and vulgar language.
    3) No scenes explicitly depicting sex or any sexual activity. Hinting at it is allowed.
    4) Gory scenes should be written with much discretion. Quentin Tarantino level gore is not allowed.
    5) Have fun being completely random, but make sure that your entry still connects to the last one in some manner, no matter how crazy it is.

    So let me start~


    “Hey, Pearl. Have you ever regretted pulling the trigger?”

    The black-haired woman stared at the other girl’s face, as if she half-expected it to melt off at any moment. With a scoff, she replied, “What the hell are you asking now, Jessica? I've pulled the trigger so many times I've lost count. You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

    “You know what I mean,” the blonde was staring out into the starless sky, hair fluttering in the gentle night breeze. But her voice still cut a cold blade deep into Pearl’s gut. “Did you feel any guilt when you first pulled that trigger? Are you feeling guilty still? What did it feel like to see a man’s head splattered all over a white tile wall?”

    “You’re sick, Jessica. And I’m not even going to ask how you knew about that last part,” Pearl rubbed her temples in annoyance. “Geez, when that bitch said she needed work done quickly, I wasn't expecting to be partnered with the Ice Princess of all people.”

    “You still haven’t answered my question,” this time Jessica slowly turned her gaze to the tanned woman, and Pearl felt that blade dig deeper into her. She unconsciously gulped, forcing her eyes away from the woman’s beautiful yet cruel face.

    “I don’t regret it at all. I had to shoot the bastard before he did something to my sister. I was a kid, I was scared, and I didn’t have many options to begin with,” Pearl’s voice was rising just a bit, though she didn't notice it herself. “A gun is way faster than a butcher knife, but my sister didn’t know that, the poor little thing. I did, so I pulled the trigger.

    “There, happy?” said Pearl, shooting Jessica a nasty glare.

    The blonde merely lifted her lips in the shadow of a smile, and this time Pearl visibly shuddered. “That girl isn’t even your real sister,” she whispered into the wind, a slight edge bared on the word sister.

    Pearl’s eyes widened at her words, and she opened her mouth to retort with very colorful language. But she was stopped short when Jessica lazily whipped up a hand, signalling her to look down over the edge of where they were sitting. “Target is approaching,” Jessica said without any sense of urgency.

    “Well it’s about damn time,” Pearl stood up, stretching her limbs which were sore from two hours of waiting. Her taut breasts pushed against the tight black leather of her full body suit as she arched her body, something Jessica noted with mild interest. “Do we do it quick or do we do it flashy?” Pearl asked.

    “You know how I operate, and how I want it done.”

    “And I know just how to annoy you the most while getting the same results she wants,” Pearl smiled sweetly before jumping gracefully off the top of a fifty-storey building, her body straight like an arrow flying to kill. Jessica could only click her tongue at the actions of her partner, though she couldn’t argue that it was the fastest way down. Stepping onto the very edge of the rooftop, she yielded herself to gravity and fell forward, arms at the sides and blonde hair whipping against the wind.

    Drowsiness was beginning to set in, and thoughts of a warm bed plus a hot cup of cocoa made it worse despite falling down at 32 feet per second. She was already calculating the time it would take her to finish the mission and go home. That included how fast she could capture the target and kill everyone else around him. She wanted to finish the assignment as soon as possible so she could get home and sleep her ass off. And if Pearl would somehow get in her way, she would slit the girl’s throat without any hesitation.

    “Operation, start.”
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    Pearl was halfway down the building when she realised she wasn't wearing her wingsuit, but by then it was too late. Jessica watched as Pearl fell to her untimely and somewhat embarrassing death. When she hit the concrete Tim woke up, just as he had every night for the past two weeks. Sweat beaded down his tired, but young face. He nudged his girlfriend awake, who was secretly exhausted of listening to her boyfriend's nonsensical dreams. "Hey, Babe. Wake up."
    "Huh, what is it?"
    "I had that dream again."
    "Which one?"
    "The one with the two sniper chicks, one of them fell from the building and died, again," Tim stared into space.
    "That's nice honey. Go back to bed." Catie turned over and nuzzled into a foetal position, cocooning herself for a few more hours of sleep. For Tim sleep was impossible as he knew there was more to these recurring dreams. It was some sort of omen. He rolled off the bed and scanned the floor for something to wear. He knew he had to rush to Pearl's house as soon as possible and tell her, no, warn her, about his dream. He wasn't sure at first, but after this dream he knew for certain that it was Pearl who kept falling from the building in his dreams. What did this mean? Tim slipped out the door and into the night, running at top speed down the foggy street.
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    "It was you, Pearl. Every time it was-,"

    "Enough, Tim. Enough."

    It was nearly 2am and the warm, soft bed she shared with Jessica was practically screaming her name. She yawned and scrubbed her eyes, trying to get the phantom blur of sleep to remove itself from her contacts.


    She yawned again.

    Tim sighed, obviously frustrated. He looked haggard and pale. Thinner than he usually was.

    "Why don't you just, you know, go see a shrink or something?"

    Tim snarled at her. She tried not to yawn again. She heard Jessica grumbling in her sleep and Pearl's arms ached to burrow themselves between the coolness of sheets and the warmth of Jessica's abdomen. Pearl blinked and her eyes just stayed closed a minute. Her head felt heavy.

    "You know what? Fine. Whatever, Pearl."

    Tim turned around and started stomping his way out of the apartment. Pearl felt a uncomfortable jerk in her nerves each time his foot hit the floor. Her eyes popped open. She opened her mouth to say something to Tim; maybe something nice or reassuring, probably something nasty.

    That's when they heard Jessica start screaming.

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