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    evolution in fiction

    Discussion in 'Research' started by PBrady, Mar 18, 2014.

    An interesting conversation with a colleague at work who is a developmental biologist.

    We were talking about scientific accuracy in films and fiction - guess I started it.

    He noticed that dragons have evolved over recent years to become more realistic.

    Early depictions of dragons have been four legged animals with a pair of wings.
    More recent depictions have had the wings evolved from the fore-limbs. This is much more in keeping with how winged animals have evolved.
    The fictional evolution of dragons has brought them much closer to a plausible form.
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    There is a rare book called "Flight of Dragons" and it is worth filling out an inter-library-loan form to get ahold of it. In that book, the wings are described as sails that were part of the rib cage in their ancestors.

    I'm still an elitist about calling four-limbed flying scalies wyverns. Six-limbed dragons could be believable if thrown in with other creatures that have similar limb configuration, or just that one species line got a stable mutation. It also stays plausible if the dragons or humans came from elsewhere.
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