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    Figuring out Character Conflict

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by SerenaYasha, Sep 26, 2011.

    I've been working on a story/comic for a long time now. I know the characters very well, the ones with main focus more than the other main characters, because I know them so well I’m having trouble pin pointing of giving them a conflict.

    So if you can give me advice or ideas for a characters conflict, I would be grateful. (You will notice a theme with the conflicts I have)


    Kiara - the main character and the once who want to become the protector of the city (I think she read too many batman comics) She is nice and helpful but stubborn and has a mouth on her when pissed off. She is ok in school but at times her ADD causes problems. CONFLICT: self trust mainly in love, she doesn't want to accept her feels for Zero because she is afraid she might hurt him. She doesn't care about her own feelings (kind of explains why she plays super hero) she has daddy issues as well, and she tries to hide certain emotion she feels will look weak around Zero.

    Zero- hard to explain his personality, he is a nice guy, he babysitters, but when it when it comes to Kiara he acts like a child ( you know how when little boys like a girl he picks on her), he even becomes a hero after finding out Kiara is one just to get closer to her. CONFLICT: he can tell Kiara his feeling he even keeps his mouth shut when she starts telling him about another guy she as a crush on and even dates for a little bit. Zero doesn't want to risk the friendship nor hurt/scare Kiara (he knows of her daddy problems) he also has parent issues with a dead mother and angery at his father for illogical reasons.

    Trafford - (Kiara's younger brother) he is the clown of the group, saying and doing things that defy the law of physics to make others around him happy. He’s always happy except for his serious moments (scary when he gets out of his usual act). He is oddly very smart for as dumb as he acts. CONFLICT: he loves Megan,?????? (NEED MORE)

    Megan - ( was babysat by Zero when younger) she is a tomboy, hates anything girly(has long hair), because she wears a male school uniform most of the school shuns her. She loves video games her parent were teens when she was born but now lives with her mother’s parents. Hits Trafford ( in a comedic way) anytime he says something nice or stupid to her CONFLICT: she is in love with Zero, so tries to become like Kiara for him to notice her, has mommy issues, she gives off a vibe that scare people to much to try and be friends with her.

    Alina - ( Kara’s cousin) she is the brain of the group, who invented the weapons. Designed all the clothes as well as go to a school for the incredibly smart kids. She is mature beyond her age ( except when fighting her brother and sister) she is shy around strangers, and guys she has crushes on(Takashi). CONFLICT: her shyness, over protective father, and ?????? (NEED MORE)

    Takashi - ( another kid Zero babysat) I haven't developed much on him. I have he is a HACKER, and the love interest for Alina. He likes him too but shy as well ( just in a different way) probably more of scared of her father. CONFLICT: ?????? (HELP)

    Ashton - ( another kid Zero babysits) he one do two little kids(7 to 11) in the group so I got him as a trouble maker, because he is so young no love but implied its crystal CONFLICT: I can't think of once in little kid terms (HELP)??????

    Crystal - (Alina's younger sister) the other little kid. She bugs her sister, more outgoing and trusting of people she just met (then Alina) she cause trouble like and with Ashton. She uses her cuteness to get what she wants (mainly when playing super hero to get around gaurds. no love interest implied Ashton CONFLICT: again can't write for little kids (HELP)?????

    Can you help me with my conflicts? I will take anything you can give me. There are more character and WAY more to this story (complex as hell) but this is the jest.

    P.S. please ignore any spelling and/or grammar errors ( wrote this late at night)
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    You will probably get a few responses that tell you that you need to come up with your conflicts on your own because well... that is the bulk of storytelling! It's what the story is all about. That isn't helpful though, is it?

    First off, this story has a lot of MCs are you sure they are all really truly the leads, or are some of them more leading than others? Its really hard to help you out when we don't know what the "primary story" is. I get that they are all part of one group, but what exactly is the goal of the group? What is the struggle that they all go through together? That would help a lot.
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    I guess the conflict lies close to where the goal is, what are they trying to achieve? what is the purpose of the story?
    As summer said it's something that only the author can come up with.
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    It sounds to me like you don't know them well at all. If you knew them well then you wouldn't need to consciously try to think of a conflict - you would just know it.
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