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    Film Entrepreneur With a Big Idea and In Need of Help!

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Telkk, Jun 30, 2020.

    Hello. My name is Matt and my brother and I have been writing and making films for over 7 years around the Baltimore/D.C region. We recently decided to take the plunge and pivot into creating a new business model for the film industry using Web 3.0 technology that's rolling out.

    It's an ambitious goal, but we feel that the central model in the film industry is antiquated and severely limiting to creators and consumers alike. It's true that the current model is very effective in making films, but there's a major cost to this. More leveraging power ends up falling into the hands of a few, which gives creative people less control over their work or the kind of work they want to do. And, it makes them more dependent on others who may not always have their best interests at hand.

    The central model is a safer way to make films and get a return on people's investment, but with safety comes limitations in the kinds of stories that are made. It also limits the opportunities for new creatives to rise and it hinders existing creatives from attaining a deeper sense of fulfillment in their work. That’s why we often see the same movies with the same talent over and over again and it’s also why a lot of creative people who made a name for themselves end up going independent.

    A lot of us accept these limitations because we feel there’s no other recourse. Filmmakers need stories, talent, money, and resources and the major studios have them. So, we fight to “break into” the industry and accept the price of doing business this way. But, what if there was another way to make films; a new way that allowed people to invest in movies or shows for a return; a way where any filmmaker with a great idea was able to connect to the right professionals and raise funding for their film; a way where people could find jobs on the projects that mattered to them most, not in some far off place, but right at home? What if professionals stopped “breaking” into the industry altogether and instead decided to form their own?

    That's what we're looking to solve. We want to build a film eco-system that decentralizes the entire film industry so that instead of having big studios or agencies we have independent professionals coalescing and collaborating on the projects that not only matter to them most but also maximizes their chances of advancing themselves. Again, it's ambitious but a goal we feel is worth fighting for because, to be frank...we just can't stand another reboot! We want our stories back and we want our creative professionals to be free to work on the things they want instead of existing IP that's given to them like a contractor is given a project.

    We still have a lot of work to do before we get a working prototype, but currently, we're doing some customer research, so we were wondering if anyone would be interested in filling out a quick google survey to help us better understand the problem we're trying to solve?

    If so, feel free to fill it out here: [deleted by moderator]

    We'd seriously appreciate the input, as I know everyone is very busy, but doing so will provide us with the insight we need to have a chance at getting this off the ground

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and looking forward to your responses!
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    market research isnt allowed, sorry

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