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    Finding the plot.

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Scraphead, Jan 18, 2014.

    Hello. My name is Kalle and I am trying to write. Right now I got about 10 different ideas, but none are compelling enough.
    I have an idea of a story in the spirit of Alice in the Wonderland, Mirrormask and Franklin. It starts out with an insane asylum in London. Where one dr. Onespoon and one Elise Winters meet. Elise is the patient of the asylum and are believing that she comes from a place called Misty Rivers. The doctor, of course, thinks that she is nuts. It is starting out kind of light hearted while Onespoon starts experiencing changes. For example men turning in to laughing toads. Also there is some religious beliefs. Like the idea of a sky without stars showing the coming end of time.
    That is about as far as it gets. I need ideas. Here is what I have done.

    [WIP Removed]
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    Welcome to the forum. :)

    Please have a look through the Forum Rules, where you will find the information concerning our requirements for posting works for critique. I have had to delete the portion of your story because the requirements are not yet met and also because it was posted in the wrong place. Items for critique go further down the page in the Writing Workshop.

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    I recommend NOT asking for help developing your story events. Your imagination and creativity is your greatest asset as a writer, and to best develop it you need to rely on it completely. It's your story. Don't throw away the pride of ownership by designing your story by committee.

    Writers have a different process for brainstorming. A writer takes the idea as far as he or she can alone, and from that creates a story. If you are successful, readers will discuss and tear apart your ideas, and then offer their own viewpoints.

    It takes courage to be a writer; courage to put yourself out there without compromising or shaping your story to others' liking.
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    Sadly, story ideas are easy. It's writing them so the reader is entertained for page after page that's a bitch. You need to know how to organize your scenes, and know what the elements of a scene are, and how they work together, if you're to make them exciting. There are lots of gotcha's for the unwary and things that we never think of, but say, "Why didn't I see that," when they're pointed out.

    In other words, just like we had to learn how to write essay and reports having a bit of the specialized knowledge fiction writing pros take for granted can be a huge help. The Internet and your local library's fiction writing section is a great resource.

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