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    First thread! but, which intro?

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Aeterna E. Stumph ♫, Aug 30, 2015.

    hi, i'm aeterna! i love music, writing, and the internet and recently in my english class my teacher gave me an assignment to write a story. most of the class groaned, but i was just about bouncing off the walls because that's what i love to do! here was the assignment.

    Suppose you were asked to write a story about something that could really happen. It could be something from your own life or completely made up. Below, brainstorm ideas for a realistic fiction story using the Elements of Fiction. Type your ideas in red please.

    so you’re asking me to write a fanfiction? no problem.
    my teacher then told us it didn't just have to be realistic fiction, it could be any genre, fanfiction, just a story as long as it was original. my notes are really long but i'll throw them in anyway.


    london, maybe the usa, not sure. but definitely london. :)


    me (aeterna/hannah) patrick stump (from fall out boy) pete, andy, and joe (also fall out boy) dan and phil (youtubers) alyson (my best friend) dan reynolds (imagine dragons) wayne, ben and platz (also imagine dragons)

    MAYBE dan smith, woody, kyle, and will (bastille) brendon urie, dallon, ryan, spencer, kenneth, daniel, jonathan, brent (panic! at the disco) tyler joseph, josh dun (twenty one pilots) gerard way, frank, mikey, ray, bob, james, matt (my chemical romance)


    patrick likes aeterna and has no idea to tell her, so he goes to alyson’s boyfriend, dan, for advice.

    then, once they get together one of the other band members falls in love with aeterna and patrick has to fight for her, but she doesn’t want either of them to be sad.


    all those bands are on tour together doing a big rock festival basically at a bunch of places. yes, mcr is still together. and p!atd has more members than just four. -_- i’m looking at you former panic! members.

    anyways, something bad happens at one of the places they’re playing and no one knows what to do and it messes up some friendships.


    every one of these characters are extremely good friends. i know there’s a lot, but just bear with me.

    (^^^none of those are probably gonna happen.)

    i might cut a few out even though that will hurt physically and emotionally but a story has to be understandable and without too many characters, main or secondary. it can’t bore the reader with so many character’s stories to keep track of.

    i’m not very good at seeing what will happen in the future of my writing, such as figuring out what the storyline will be, i just think of a good starting point then write and whenever i think of something i like i put it down. otherwise, my brain just knows what will go good with the sentence before and my fingers will just type it or my hand will make the pen put the letters down without me thinking. it’s quite nice, i don’t overthink muck so i don’t stress except when i’ve got writer’s block. then when i’m done (that usually takes a while to happen) i’ll read through it and edit out anything that doesn’t fit or make sense, and then i’ll leave it or just add something that works better. then i’ll read it again, and do the same thing, fixing mistakes. then over and over again until i’m happy with the finished product.

    Point of View

    usually it’s me or alyson and we switch off from time to time, but with this i’m not exactly sure yet.


    i wrote some ideas up there, but like i said, i just start writing and my brain knows what to do.


    not sure about that yet, either.

    but honestly, this is gonna be one sick story.

    so i started writing it and so far it's pretty awesome. but at the beginning of the story, i have two versions of how to start it and i can't pick which one. so can you read them and say which one you like best? it would help a lot. :)

    aeterna :bigtongue:

    here they are!

    “Gerard, quit it.” I say, after my bandmate snatches my drumsticks for the thousandth time.
    “Why?” he asks innocently, smiling and hiding them behind his back.
    “Because I told you to.”
    “I’m older than you.” he competes.
    “By a year and a half. You’re also more immature.” I point out.
    “Thanks.” he says sarcastically.
    “Fine.” He says with a smirk and walks back to his microphone.
    “Gerard, quit it.” I snap as my bandmate pokes me in the cheek for about the millionth time that rehearsal.
    “Why?” he replies innocently.
    “Because I told you to.”
    “I’m older than you.”
    I roll my eyes. “By a year. You’re also more immature.”
    Gerard Arthur Way.”
    “Fine.” He sighs and finally stops.
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    So you definitely want it set in London... but maybe the USA? :meh:

    Not the best start, is it?
    I'm not sure you need our help, as you seem to have it all covered.
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    New Zealand
    The second one.
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    A place with no future

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