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    First time writer in need of some help

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by MrImaginatorium, Jan 7, 2012.

    So i've had a story brewing in my head for a while and I dont realy know where to start with it. Ive thought on it alot and come up with some of the major plot points and maybe a setting but i still cant decide on some things such as how they will be transported from one reality to the next and back, here is a synoposis of what i have going so far so if you have anything to say such as ideas or constructive critisim im all ears Let the list begin


    Harlow Bones, 16 year old highschool boy who is quiet and thoughtfull, recently has become more soical and outgoing in life but still likes to keep to himself with his thoughts as company

    Kyle Mortinson, Harlows long time friend who shares his opinion openly and fights for his beliefs, him as well as Harlow have been soical outcasts most of their lives due to their opinions of others and the world around them

    Emily Salt "Salty", Harlow and Kyles good friend, she met them by taking pity on two outcasts but has now come to think of them as her best friends and is willing to defend them at any cost


    "The Fox" ,leader of the Brotherhood of Magi

    Alexander Malice, leader of the Anti-Graymare Society


    The Anti-Graymare Society "The Society", a group of non mages that wish to abolish magic as a whole

    The Brotherhood of Magi "The Brotherhood", a group of skilled mages who wish to enforce their ideals upon non mages

    The Liberators, an independant group run by peace seeking mages and non mages alike, they wish to dispand both the Society and the Brotherhood


    The story will take place in two realities, the first being the one that we live in, the other being the one in which the society and the brotherhood exist. Our protagonists will be transported from their monotanous everyday lives of highschool teenagers to the other reality by the means of an unknown force. The alternate reality, which is in the medival time period, is in the midst of war between two factions. These two factions are those of the magi and those of the society. The magi are a group of humans who have the ability to control the world and shape it to their whim, their power comes at the cost of their own energy supply, just as doing any physical activity might tire a normal person so too would magic cause fatigue in a mage. Other stranger types of magic also affect the world, a person may undergoe an extreme stress that causes a great influx of dustructive power that nearly no mage can conciously control. The society is an organized group that wishes to exterminate any and all things magic, they wish to eliminate what they deem to be "monsters and abominations to the human race". *Neither faction is able to gain the upper hand in the war and both continue to resort to more dangerous and vile ways to try and exterminate the other.Through the transfer of realities our protagonists aquire powers they do not understand. All three gain the abillity to use magic which immideatly interests the brotherhood. With the society activly trying to kill our protagonists they side with the brotherhood for protection. Once they are under the instruction of the brotherhood they are trained in the use of weaponry such as swords and other weapons for both protection and the abillity to look for a way home by any means necessary. Harlow gains the ability to shape shift at will between a human and half human half wolf hybrid the likes of which could be compared to a werewolf. Kyle begins to become communicable with animals of any and all sorts, willing them to do his bidding. Emily gains the ability to telepathicly communicate with others as well as the ability to control another person as long as she subdues their will. The trio then discover a dark secret about the brotherhood the likes of which causes the other magi to turn on them with deadly force. Now that the three are on their own they realise that they must stop both the brotherhood and the society lest this reality should spiral into the everlasting doom of either factions dominance. To combat the other two the three create a group of any and all that were willing to fight back. This new faction lead by our trio proclamed themselfs The Liberators freeing any that were opressed by the other two factons and searching for a way home all the while.*
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    I read your question but not your idea.

    Were it me, I'd start writing. If you don't know how the story begins, start in the middle. You can always go back and add in the beginning later. You may even change your mind about where the beginning is.
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    just write the thing!... no one can tell you if it'll be any good till you do...

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