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    Five, The Neo Cyberpunk Film: critique, feedback, help.

    Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by The Fifth Column, May 1, 2015.

    Hey, and thanks for stopping in! If anyone one of you has an interest in the old sci-fi sub-genre, keep reading; I’m going to need your help.

    I have been in the process of writing a movie with a friend of mine since out senior high school year, and for the past 5 or so years we’ve been refining our ideas and realizing the movie we want to make is much greater than what we’re capable of doing simply on our own.

    You read the title right, “Neo Cyberpunk,” we want to bring back an old genre to a new generation! The days of leather clad, anti-heroes are over; Cyberpunk is taking on more of a Japanese/European style, and looks great. Here’s an article I read recently that you may find helpful… Although I’m not apart of the group in the article, I was totally shocked by what I read. They may as well have been writing about my friend and I; I agree so much with these guys are doing and the direction they want to take this genre in, and I want to be a key player in it.

    I need feedback, and lots of it! We recognized some time ago that our first project is going to suck, no questions. So we decided to take a hiatus from the main script and focus on other things. My friend is developing his skill as a writer/director and I’m learning to do concept art and creative writing. I write whatever idea comes to mind. Lately I’ve felt a bit stagnant, and idea’s are much harder to come by. I’m doing my best to lay the foundations for the film, and it is just a massive undertaking!

    I’ll provide a brief synopsis of the film, and then a bit of the groundwork that I’m laying down. Please note: nothing I have written is canon; I can change anything, at any time, for any reason, provided it makes sense. I just want the ideas!

    Synopsis: Five​

    Much of the world has been destroyed and is virtually unlivable. In the late 2020’s world populations began to reach a point at which they were unable to supply their citizens with fresh drinking water. China was in the worst of situations, and given that their plea for help was unanswered, they took what they needed from Russia. The Chinese were the first to develop a material that was incredibly durable and could bond with human tissue, so they used it to create augmented soldiers capable of feats no soldier could match.

    Because of their continued aggression it was decided that the remaining nations on the UN security counsel put an end to the war. They deemed it necessary to cripple the Chinese government, and cut off central command. Although they succeeded, the men and women who returned home were infected with something new; a biologically engineered bug that is practically invincible, grows in fresh water, and spreads quickly.

    With the world in chaos due to famine, starvation, and virtually no clean water left for drinking, One man steps in using his private resources he has accumulated throughout his years and seizes power to create “The Global Coalition.” This man is James Mallahan, and he was to be the temporary Arbiter and Chief of States. But like Cesar becoming the emperor of Rome, Mallahan couldn’t step down. There was an immense pressure for nations to join the newly formed Global Coalition, but in order to be united to the GC that country would have to give up their national identity. The GC works as a proxy government; whatever laws they enact are enforced, whatever laws they don’t cover are preserved by the respected State unless or until the GC decides to change that.

    At this time, the US was taking in refugees to house the many nations that could no longer support their own citizens. The US was under immense pressure by refugees, foreign leaders, and it’s own. The House was split, and eventually The Speaker of the House of Representatives (an American Loyalist) was shot and killed during a heated session of congress. The loyalists secession within the United States was the breaking point for an all out World War 3.

    A counter organization of nations was born, known as The Affiliate of Nations, or AON. It was made up of US loyalists, Brazil, Japan, and The Republic of India. On the GC’s side, there was Unified Europe (including France, Brittan, Germany,), Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. Because of the political climate many weaker nations were annexed by the GC, not merely out of military might but because of the preservation they offered in an uncertain world.

    In order for the GC to prevent the plague from spreading further, “Dead Zones” were initiated, the huge swaths of land were sectioned off, burned, and abandon, the citizens within were left on their own. Exports to other nations slowed or stopped completely, many of these nations were crimpled by the plague and unable to survive on their own. At the height of the war, AON had the upper hand with superior arms, advanced weaponry and vehicles. During a major military victory, the GC launched a nuclear weapon on the AON capital city, Kingsford. Although it was fully within their grasp to retaliate, the Affiliate withdrew, reasoning that after billions died from plague, famine, and war, nuclear weapons would devastate all of mankind in which there would be no return. AON signed a “cease fire” agreement with the GC, and gave up much of the territories they had acquired. It was clear that the GC had a singular goal in mind—domination of all countries with valuable resources— and in the face of complete insanity would not stop until they achieved that goal.

    The Affiliate devised a plan; they would leave behind operatives in the territories they had given over, start a resistance movement, and destroy the GC from within. This was called “Operation: Five.”

    This is where the film begins…

    Hah! I know, “what’s the movie about, then!?” This is what I’m working with. I’m just trying to lay groundwork. Please, ask questions! I want to answer them! I really don’t know where to begin other than by brainstorming and talking with people about things.

    The title get’s it’s name from this…

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