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    Friend or Foe?

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Simpson17866, Jan 3, 2014.

    The purpose of this game will be to

    A) be given, by the person who posted last, a combination of two characters - or groups thereof - from different stories.

    B) Using the combination at the end of the previous post, tell us

    1) what it would look like if the characters teamed up to do something together (and, if they would not normally want to, what could force them to do so)
    2) what would make them agree to stay out of each other's way
    3) what it would look like if they fought over something.

    C) Provide a combination of two characters - or groups thereof - for the next person to write about.

    If there are different versions of the same character for different continuities and/or media, then the person writing about him will choose which version to use, rather than the person who suggested him.

    The game shall start with Lord Voldemort and The Joker.
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    Lord Voldemort: I am assuming he is a megalomaniac bent on being controlling the magical underside of England with an influence in muggle politics.

    The Joker: I am assuming that he is just in it for the laughs.

    I imagine that Voldemort would use Joker as a somewhat capricious tool. Voldemort would provide Joker with toys at opportune moments when he needed chaos, leave Joker with mundane means or occupy him with weird puzzles when Voldemort didn't need chaos.

    They wouldn't fight, unless Batman got in the way. Joker would be very peeved if Voldemort gave him a fatal bit of magic against Batman, but J might enjoy some of the more annoying sweet-shop magical pranks.

    Let's go... Scar, Simba's uncle from the Lion King. And... A Steve Irwin parody character. (Some other parody naturalist will do.)
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    Seven dynamite laden boats floated near the harbor, each one carrying a piece of the Dark Lord's soul. The Joker grinned with pleasure as he watched Lord Voldemort tearfully decide which part of his soul he should rescue. Time was quickly slipping away. Two seconds remained...

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