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    [Futuristic] Life in a Post-Global Warming Age

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Baptiste, Oct 13, 2013.

    I'm writing a futurist story which takes place in a post-global warming age, where the earth is mysteriously (though later explained) headed towards another ice age. Sea levels are falling and oceans are freezing, and water has become a precious commodity, for futuristic Hydrogen-energy, agriculture, and of course drinking.

    In my fictional future-timeline, before the story takes place there was an epoch of severe global warming: the usual sea levels rising, cities being flooded, super hurricanes devastating the world.
    As a result, many areas were either destroyed entirely, abandoned, or just collapsed economically.
    The wrecked places are mostly: SE Asia, the Mediterranean (Southern Europe and North Africa), the Carribeans & some of South America, and Australia.

    But I am unsure about a few things: For one, what is the effect on average-everyday life, in a zone with minimal devastation and quick rebuilding (Such as NA, Northern Europe, and East Asia)?
    Is there going to be a shortage of certain foods and goods? For example, is wine incredibly expensive because of Italy's ruin?
    Are there are going to be a ton of refugees? Where will people be migrating to? Will it be legal or illegal? Will it even be possible (money issues, boat/ocean issues)?
    How could the political situation change in SE Asia and Australia? (I've already figured the EU to dissolve sometime during or after the disaster)

    Also, apologies if this is the wrong place to post. I wasn't sure between the Setting Forum or here, since it's both research and speculation
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    Well, we're not 100% certain of what, specifically, would be the most devastating. North America, however, will be affected -- the coastline will change and there will be significant drought in the midsection of the country. A couple of books you might want to check out that discuss some of this are: Eaarth, by Bill McKibben, Six Degrees by Mark Lynas, and a new book, called Countdown by Alan Weisman. Countdown's focus is on overpopulation and population control, but climate change plays into his analysis significantly, and will give you some insight about where people will migrate to/from.

    As far as wine, specifically, I don't know how the current wine growing regions will suffer, or whether there will be new regions that will be able to grow grapes for wine. Wine grapes are grown all over the world. So, there may be new regions that can grow grapes that don't now. Wine, however, will be the least of food concerns.

    (I don't know why the type size changed. My son banged on my keyboard, and I don't know what he hit.)

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