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    Gain power without being chosen one feeling

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by SamNainocard, May 27, 2014.

    Greetings everyone, first time here.
    I currently try to write a plot story about someone gaining a superpower without being chosen one feeling. Especially a power that is never being used before (be the first that harness this power), may they want to be strong or whatever reason.

    But how do you approach to this way?
    Is accidental count as being chosen by god, fate or whatever?
    Say, I have a character that discovery source of power by having an accident while traveling across the bridge, and they fallen and found the power.

    Suicide/brave escape(or whatever it called)?
    Say, I have a character that at edge of the cliff, chased by bandit or monster, so they commit a suicide or bravely jump off the cliff, thus end up finding source of power.

    I would like to ask a reason about , why they want power or just maybe they don't know what that is and accidentally bind themselves.
    Say, they are gravely wounded, so they want to see something beautiful before they die.

    But I think that's belong in Character Development?

    Thank you in advance.
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    This seems reminiscent of Stanley Ipkiss' (Jim Carrey) first encounter with The Mask in the film of the same name. He finds the "power" but it's not evident until a very subtle message, Dr. Newman's book plug, nudges in the direction of trying on the mask. In the case of The Mask, the item is a "curse" by Loki to mess with mortals but is used by good guys and bad guys in very different ways.

    It seems like you want to conceal the power until some sort of dramatic event triggers it. I suggest if this is what you want to do then be very ambiguous and subtle about the source. Any premature examples of the power are written off as flukes or luck so you can be "realistic" while saving the reveal for when you want it to have the most impact.
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    This is something I've struggled with too, it's too easy to gain the power and become 'the one.' I have found the key is to not make the power overly powerful, or even useful. This would allow your character to develop it and adapt to it and make it work for them instead of just getting more and more powerful as the story goes on.
    Some failures with the ability would help too, perhaps an over reliance before it abandons them / something prevents it.

    Keep it about the character not their abilities
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    One of my main characters was cursed by a book, written in blood, that made her immortal. Well almost ;-)
    And she's willing to do everything to get rid of this curse and become mortal.

    Hey, don't forget that I write horror/fantasy stories for fun ... :D

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    I don't worry about it too much. Part of fantasy is having tropes. Prophecy, dwarves, elves, or magic if you're doing urban fantasy (sounds like you are). These elements are all tropes that you may or may not use if you so choose. One way I got rid of the "chosen one" feeling is by making my character NOT the only one. Yes she's granted a power but it only gives her a small edge on her opponents, it's largely unused for the first part of the book because she's such a sissy, and there are others like her with different powers. Oh and the bad guys opposing them have their own powers as well. Suddenly the "chosen one" doesn't seem so powerful. She has been tasked to complete something she doesn't feel she's able to do nor does she want.

    Neo may have been the chosen one but The Agents had powers too. If anything the head Agent (can't remember his name) was like a chosen one for the computer side.

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