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    May 21, 2015
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    G'Day G'Day!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by AttemptingReality, May 21, 2015.

    Hey Everyone!

    Evidently I'm new here and not sure what the expected language 'etiquette' is? I'm guessing somewhere between manuscript and text conversation? I'm sure a few of my native Australian-isms will slip into posting somewhere, so I apologise in advance for that.

    I've spent months developing a plot and characters who have come to feel like family to me, but the task of writing major scenes is messing with my head. I'm intimidating myself to the point where even typing out a line or two makes me feel like I'm ruining a crucial scene in the story. Writing is often a lonely journey and with all of my friends currently at University studying to be Doctors and Veterinarians, I don't really have any like-minded people to vent to. I'm really hoping that joining a site such as this will help me to connect with fellow writers and also encourage me to confront my word-demons.

    A little about me: I love a good analogy (probably too much), I write mostly contemporary romance, but have been known to dabble in non-fiction articles/blogging occasionally, I'm currently on my Gap Year and I often persuade my best friend that I will get more out of staying home on a weekend and reading or writing, than going out to a bar and drinking away the night and several precious brain cells.

    That was probably way too much information for an introductory post, but I'm not particularly good at creating short, witty and mysterious summaries so I figured, why not just lay it all out there?

    So if you have any ideas about how to improve my writing continuity and/or how to tackle big book moments, I'd love to hear them!

    And I'm just going to hit publish before I edit this within an inch of its life and intimidate myself out of posting altogether.
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    Welcome to the forum, AttemptingReality!
    Our 'etiquette'? Well, it's not like it's something we're strict about or anything. Just talk the way you want to (and usually do) talk (as long as it's not completely unreadable, of course, ;)).

    Here's a link to the New Member Guide to get you started. It will take you through the forum's rules and layout.

    Have fun!
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    Hi @AttemptingReality, welcome.
    I'm sure thou doth preacheth to the choireth (that wasn't an 'ism' I think I may be having a stroke). Nevertheless, I feel your pain about the big scene moments and will offer the note I've pinned to the wall by my computer:
    Just Write The Damn Thing.
    It doesn't matter if what you write is rubbish - the first draft is supposed to be pants. Just go for it and save the concern for when you're editing!
    Good luck :)
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    At my keyboard
    She'll be right mate :agreed:

    And welcome :D
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    It sounds like you put a lot of love and thought into your work. A writer's loneliness can be rough but hopefully it will all be worth it when you're looking back on your career. Great to meet you =]

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