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    Ghostwriting Success

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by Morg, Nov 7, 2007.

    Here's my dilemma--I'm a professional copy writer, and I do all right with it, supplementing with the occasional magazine job. Right now, I'd really like to make more money. I've heard that ghostwriting is a good area to go into, but all the info I've found so far on it (online ebooks and courses) has been mostly hype, with the rest being very basic things any writer worth their salt could figure out on their own.

    So, does anybody out there who has done any ghostwriting have any suggestions, or areas I should look to help me be successful? Pointers? Books I should pick up? I'd appreciate any help I can get.
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    sorry, but i don't get what it is you need to learn that you can't get from just googling for some ghostwriters' sites and scanning their services, fees, etc.... you can also get info from the wga site, as well as writers digest...

    what is it you hope/expect to get from a book on the subject?... what you do need to know, that should be obvious, is that whenever you're working for someone else and have to deal with them on as intimate a level as a ghostwriter/client one, you're at risk of being stuck with the client from hell...

    aside from that, which can happen even if the first contact seems ok, be sure you have a good literary attorney draw up your contracts and don't sign anyone else's without having your own attorney ok it first... and it's not a bad idea to have an escape clause in there, in case the client does turn out to be so difficult, the job's not worth the fee...

    best of luck with your new career turn... love and hugs, maia

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