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    God Hates Us All (review)

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by MarkArellius, Jul 17, 2012.

    Its not just á book, its Thè Book ! :)
    Hank Moody's masterpiece..not really written by D.Duchovny I guess, but as a fan of the series it brings me closer to the show and I understand more of it...The main character resembles Moody and every chapter is like a series of connecting mini events, its like the show but with a different storyline, it's got humor, it's dark, sexy, exciting, great literature and....the title is amazing :) Hank Moody tends to write about what he experiences and when you watch Californication again, allot of things make more sence, you can watch the show again and not find it to be boring since you have more insight :)

    When you read the book, allot things also come into the show.
    i.e. In season 1 with an episode where Hank Moody's father appears, they have a discussion as where Moody mensions that he blames his father for sending his mother into an early grave, this happenes in the book too, with a twist of course. But this episode of Californication makes allot more sense after reading the book.

    All there small details keep popping up into the show, another small example. In the book, Daphne, the ex of the main character, sets fire to his parents house.
    In Californications Season 5, Episode 1; Hank Moody's crazy ex/semi-girlfriend Kerrie, sets fire to his apartment. Moody heres about this over the phone from his neighbour back in New York, like in the book he hear's it over the phone also, but from a friend.

    A definite must read !

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