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    Good morning or evening. Newbie here ^^

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by ILoveWords, Jul 11, 2013.


    What can I say? I'm an almost full-time escapist and have been since childhood. Along with music, reading books have been my primary outlets up until now. Recently, writing has started to gain more and more importance in my life too though.
    Some not so succesful attempts at writing had me thinking I would probably be a mediocre author at best in the future, but I'm still reaching out and with every decent songtext, my hope of my dream to become a novelist ever being close enough to grasp grows bigger.

    Maybe my dreams of success and recognition and my hope to fulfill them are due to my young age (for I'm still in my late teens), but I still want to pursue it.
    I want to write something that touches people, be supported by I fanbase as fervent and numerous as Stephanie Meyer's Twilight readers. I want to see people be so caught up in my story that they put time and effort into creating forums wherein they go debate for pages and pages about the choices my characters should make like kataangers have as they debated against zutarians (you'll understand if you know the TV show Avatar) or the people on "team Edward" have against those on "team Jacob", etc.

    It must be such a relish to know you've made such a difference in people's lives, know that people appreciate the piece of you you've shared with them when you've shared your story.

    This may not be a real introduction to some, but this dream of achieving something this beautiful is so motivational that I consider it a big part of me that I feel I have to express when describing who I am.

    This is who I am. A dreamer, an artist, a person who is not very outgoing, who doesn't know much of. about what place thet should take in in the real world, but has an inner safe haven they can retract to reality becomes difficult to live in.

    Finally, I joined this site hoping that my interaction with other writers will help me improve my writing, enabling me to share my inner world through my novels in a manner that is skilfull enough to realize my dream; to touch people.

    Emglish isn't my native language, so I did my best and am sorry for any mistakes. And thanks to all those who have welcomed me already. It was greatly appreciated. :)

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