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    Good writing exercises?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by I.A. By the Barn, Nov 15, 2015.

    When I was asking about character faults, it was suggested that I make up a scene that isn't going to happen in the book and explore my character in it. However I really don't know what scene to do. It is a historical fantasy so would writing situations that couldn't happen be acceptable? If anyone has any good character exploring ideas, I'd be thankful!
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    This is about exploring your characters, not writing an accurate story. So you really just need to have your characters interact.

    Have them talk about books, politics or some scandal at the local watering hole.

    Depict how they would react to a violent occurrence on the street.

    Have Marty McFly arrive in Doc Brown's DeLorean in their time period.

    Make it ludicrous or serious; it doesn't matter. The purpose is to force the character to react to different stimuli. Through that you can gain an understanding of what the character is like and how he/she will react in situations in your actual real story.

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