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    Gotham City: Pagans vs Technos

    Discussion in 'Role Play' started by Erik-the-Enchanter!, Jun 15, 2015.


    Pagans vs Techs

    (Theme: Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy)

    STORY: When Gotham was built, it was called the City of Progress. It was founded on the dream of a better future, a future where disease, hunger and violence were vastly unknown and justice was prevalent. Where technological wonders were invented that alleviated human suffering. It was not to be. Since then, Gotham has become the most corrupt, dangerous city on earth: the politicians and the criminals are in bed with each other, and homicidal lunatics terrorize the citizens with increasingly greater, more elaborate schemes. As far as advancements in technology, the new machines that humans build every year seem to hurt the environment rather than serve it.

    In recent years, a mysterious brooding vigilante appeared: the tabloids labeled him the Dark Knight and the Caped Crusader, but originally he called himself the Batman. Batman has become the guardian of Gotham, the hero it deserves. On a daily basis, he has his hands full foiling the schemes of his enemies and saving the city from falling into deeper chaos. Later, he was joined by Robin the Boy Wonder and Batgirl, and never before have the streets been safer.

    As Batman combats jokers, quiz masters, penguin fanatics, and acrobatic cat-ladies, a new threat has arisen, one that he is not equipped to fight: a gang of witches and wizards has taken up residence in a heavy metal club called the Necropolitan. But these are not regular sorcerers, they are Techno-Wizards, sorcerers that thrive on technology. Upon closer investigation, Batman discovered that the leader of this gang is a powerful Techno-Wizard known only as "Coal". Coal believes that Techno-Wizardry is superior to nature magic and is recruiting young witches and wizards to his cause. But before Batman could discover what exactly Coal's end-game was, there was a major break-out at Arkham Asylum and half the lunatics escaped into the streets of Gotham. Batman was inevitably distracted by the mass break-out and dropped the matter of the Techno-Wizards to lock up all the escapees.

    The truth was that Coal had use his tech-magic to override the security systems at Arkham Asylum and caused the mass break-out to get Batman off his trail. Coal plans to create a powerful coven of Techno-Wizards to help him destroy everything green on earth and replace it with cold metal and electric wires. Then he will be all-powerful and no mere mortal will be able to oppose him.

    And now, in Gotham's darkest hour, a stranger comes to town: a mischievous witch-boy with blue skin, dressed in pilgrim's clothes and accompanied by a feral ginger cat. His name is Klarion the Witch-Boy and he has come to Gotham on a whim and every sorcerer in the city can sense his strange, powerful magic.

    But will Klarion be swayed by Coal to join the Techno-Wizards and help destroy the planet, or fight on the side of everything that's green and good...?

    PLOT/GAMEPLAY: You are a young witch or wizard that lives in Gotham. Unlike Coal, you are Pagan: your power does not come from technology, but from nature. If Coal succeeds, then nature magic will be destroyed forever and almost every living thing on earth will die. You must fight for everything you love and stop Coal's plans at all costs.

    This story will be focused on writing style to help us grow as writers, so put some effort into your posts instead of, say, posting a few slap-dash sentences in a hurry because you want to post before someone else does (I admit, I've done this before, too!!). Make your posts at least two to three paragraphs long and don't be afraid to be dark and gritty...because I definitely won't. This is an RP set in Gotham, after all.

    Batman, Robin and Batgirl will be played by the GM, and a few other original characters will make an appearance through-out the RP. Also, this RP will only have Three Chapters.

    In your first post, detail where you are in Gotham and what you're currently doing when you feel Klarion's powerful presence and go looking for him. He will be located in Gotham Park, so make your way there and I will post once everyone else has posted. Remember that the streets are currently in chaos, with citizens and lunatics running around, so include that in your post.

    CHARACTER SELECTION: This RP is based on the concept of a new comic series centered around Klarion the Witch-Boy, although I did take some liberties expanding the plot to make it more "playable". As such, I have given you the rough outlines of the available characters you can play from the comic. Other than the minimal details I have provided, feel free to explore your character and give them more depth and use your creativity to expand their powers.

    The characters are on First Come, First Served basis, so message the GM (myself) to reserve a character and when I give you the OK, post a Character Template on the discussion thread. They are listed below:

    a gothic witch girl who can make her hair grow incredibly long and move it like tentacles.

    magical twins who work magic through music; Noah plays a violin and Piper plays a flute.

    a wizard boy from a long line of dark wizards going back to Rasputin, who was famously hard to kill; he has power over the Dead and the Night.

    a living weed with deep pagan power that willed itself to life to defend nature and can control plants as well as make herself grow like a plant.

    a non-magical boy whose dead father, Constantine, was a famous demon-fighter, he has inherited all of his father's holy relics and custom weapons.

    the wife of Mr Freeze, a psychotic villain who used a freeze-ray as his main weapon; Ms Nora Fries, his young wife, was terminally ill and Freeze froze her until he could find a cure, but she awoke when he was killed by Batman and now she has ice-powers from an experimental serum Freeze injected into her bloodstream while she was frozen.

    a magical imp that looks like a midget version of Batman; loves Batman and wants to be just like him.

    Character Template: (This is Klarion's template, just to give you an idea of what it should look like)


    Age(13-25)-13 years old


    Magic Powers-Klarion mainly uses chaos magic to create random effects, but he is currently obsessed with his ability to control swarms of insects.

    Appearance-Klarion looks like a thirteen-year-old boy who was born in colonial America. He is tall and spindly, clad in black and white pilgrim's clothes and shiny black shoes with high heels. His skin is an appalling shade of blue, as if he has frostbite all over, and his jet-black hair is slicked down except for two springy curls on top of his head that look like horns. He has a wicked grin and his eyes are as black as night.

    Biography-Klarion is a young practitioner of the dark arts originally hailing from Witch-World, an otherworldly dimension where everyone is at least somewhat knowledgeable of Black Magic. The problem was, being a child, he was constantly under the direction of adults who dictated what he could and could not do with his powers, as well as what kind of sorcery he could study. Using his power to open a gateway into the normal universe, Klarion and his cat familiar, Teekl, embarked into our dimension, and ever since he has been a nuisance to every Earth hero he has encountered.

    Personality-Klarion loves causing mischief and frequently acts without thinking of the consequences. He is very clever and fiendish, but he has never killed anyone...on purpose. He also has a softer side, but he mostly reserves his affection for his cat, Teekl.

    Other-Klarion's familiar, Teekl, can transform into were-form on command. While in were-form, Teekl is almost unstoppable and even more wild and ferocious than usual. Teekl is also smarter than a normal cat and understands everything that is going on around her.

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